Things to do Around Vashon Island – Point Robinson Park

If you’re living in or visiting Vashon Island, then you need to know where to go. The average passerby will have no idea that neat places exist here. That’s because most people don’t bother to look if they’re staying nearby. But don’t think this is bad news for you. This is good news for you. Why? Because the fewer people that know about these places, the less crowded they are. While there are many options, below is one of the coolest things to do in the area, which is Point Robinson Park.

A Short Lighthouse

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the shortest lighthouse you will ever see in your lifetime? The answer to that questions is likely to be no, but think about that answer for a moment. If the answer is no, it means this is a unique location. And if you want to truly experience life, then you need to see unique things. The standard things, like statues in a park, are not memorable. We all might pretend they are, but you never go home after a vacation and tell a loved one: “You won’t believe this, but I saw a statue in a park!” No chance. But you would tell them: “You won’t believe this, but I was in the shortest lighthouse I have ever seen.” They will ask you about this lighthouse, and you will continue your story.

Parking at Point Robinson Park

Parking is far from the most exciting topic when it comes to visiting attractions, but I’m going to do my best to make it exciting. There are two places to park here, the upper lot and the lower lot. Both are close by.

The bad news is that you can only park in the lower lot if you’re renting out the keeper’s quarters. The good news is that if you park in the upper lot, you will have an opportunity to climb the rock formations on the way down. Yes, you will be going down to go up (and sideways), but this is a worthwhile side event.

What’s most important about parking is that you need to make sure you leave the park prior to 8 p.m. Otherwise, your car will be locked in the parking lot, and who knows what kind of ghosts reside at the Point Robinson Park Lighthouse.

What You Might See

In the event you don’t get locked in the parking lot and see ghosts, you will still see some other neat stuff. This stuff includes flowers (beyond exciting for some people), driftwood, crabs, sailboats, container ships, Mount Rainier on a clear day, and a cell tower. Yes, a cell tower.

I’m not going to hide the fact that there is a cell tower here, which is not the ideal location for it. But, since I’m an optimist, I will point out that if you happen to get stuck in the park at night and believe you’re being chased by ghosts, you can call the police or the Ghostbusters with ease.

Keeper’s Quarters

This is the best part about Point Robinson Park. You can rent out the Keeper’s Quarters for the weekend. Quarters A is okay. Just remember that rhyme so you know to choose Quarters B, which has a 1920’s oven from the Camlin Hotel in Seattle and a claw foot bathtub.

If you want to see one of the shortest lighthouses in the world, climb a small rock formation, see Mt. Rainier, and have the opportunity to rent the Keeper’s Quarters (you know which one), visit Point Robinson Park

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