Vashonites are the Vashon-Maury Island Community

The Vashonites Facebook Group began in 2014 when a group of members of another group were viciously attacked through bullying and various threats. Wanting to provide a safe place free of threats, bullying and any sort of drama the group was established with 10 Admins lead by Jennifer Mathews who is highly experienced in the ways of social media having been employed by a major social media company, ran conferences and spoken on the subject for over 15 years. The group has grown to over 4,000 members that include residents, part time residents, and those connected to the island in some way. The only rule:

“Be nice!”

The code of conduct is updated regularly to reflect the core of playing nice and to keep the group free of spam. Members are asked to assist in moderating by reporting any bullying or individuals that are being difficult or simply causing drama. Admins will close commenting and/or remove those that don’t adhere to the code of conduct.

Is this group connected with VashonAll?

That Vashonites Facebook is not associated with the VashonAll Facebook Group or the VashonAll listserve that has been discontinued. The VashonAll Facebook group was started by Constance Sebastian who was not connected to the original listserve group after she was banned for bullying other members.
While the VashonAll Facebook Group is supportive and encourages negativity, drama and bullying the Vashonites group does not condone any sort of behavior providing a safe and secure place for Vashon Island residents and those connected to the island to connect.

Where can I find an Admin?

The admins for Vashonites are listed within the Vashonites group. You can find them by visiting this link:
If you are on a tablet or smartphone, the link might not work. In which case, you can click on the members list and filter the admins from there.

What can I do if someone is bullying me?

The Vashonites Facebook Group has a zero tolerance for bullying, harassment or individuals causing drama of any kind. If you feel that someone in the group is bullying or harassing you then let one of the admins know with a private message.  If you see someone attacking another member we encourage you to notify the admins even if you feel that someone else might have reported it.  Simply reporting the comment or post is not going to tell the admins what is happening, so a follow-up with a private message will help get the attention the matter deserves so that issue can be dealt with swiftly.

I posted to the group and now I can’t see it.

The Vashonites Facebook Group is extremely busy with posts going live several times every hour with posts that have the most activity (comments and likes) appearing at the top. There is a good chance your posts is buried below the more popular topics. In addition to the bustle of activity, the admins will scan through and watch for posts that are inappropriate or that fall under what we feel should be immediately deleted will be removed without warning. If you can’t find your post there is a good chance it has been removed.
Posts removed without warning include:
Spamming the group – the post will be removed and original poster permanently banned. If you’re unsure if something is spam, ask a moderator before posting.
Hot Topics – Gun related, vaccine debates, gender equality, etc will be removed and original poster banned.
Take them to
Personal identifiable information – including photos with license plate numbers, addresses, emails, phone numbers in posts along with public shaming.
Inviting members to other groups – This includes comments supporting other groups.
Posting on behalf of non-members – It’s easy to join the group.
Fake accounts – posts are immediately removed and the original poster banned.
Blocking Admins – Members that block admins personally will be removed.
Attachment unavailable – Posts with “attachment unavailable”.
Not Vashon related – Posts that Vashon Residents will not relate to will be immediately deleted.

Anyone connected to Vashon Island are encouraged to join and connect with the group.

Post your stories, photos, videos, items for sale, and topics you would like to discuss in a fun and safe environment.