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Updated 11/2019

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Planing Your Perfect Wedding

Weddings can be the most special day for most people, and holding your wedding on Vashon can make it even more special. It can also be a wake up call with how much money is needed, so we created this simple timeline guide to help with your wedding planning.

10-12 Months Before

Budget This is the most important thing of all weddings. Communicate and decide what you’re willing to scrimp and save. Weddings that are on a tight budget can be easily done on Vashon. From a simple gathering at a park (be sure to coordinate with the parks department by email or phone  206-463-9602) to booking a beautiful destination wedding at the Lodges.

Preliminary Guest List Start getting a number in mind so that you understand what size of a venue you will need to accommodate everyone.

Wedding Party Start picking your groomsmen and maids of honor. Your parents and those closest are going to be notified. They can all certainly help you make your plans.

The Dress and Tux Get the idea of look for the wedding party, start looking through magazines for a dress style you might want.

Wedding Planner Option If planning a wedding seems too stressful and time-consuming, hire a wedding planner who will take care of all the details! Local event planner Silver Platter Vashon is a great resource.

Dance Lessons It has become a tradition for the bride and groom to take dancing lessons before the wedding. Not only does it alow them to show off their talents, but it brings them closer together as a couple as a sort of therapy. Jacqui Lown is a local dance instructor that can get couples a few lessons in.

6 to 9 Months Before

Create a Gift Registry You can set up a list and share it on, or speak with local businesses and gather a list of your own to share with your guests.

Photographer If a friend hasn’t offered to photograph your wedding by this time, you can choose from a local photographer including Clara Perez.

Officiant The person who will perform your ceremony is extremely important and has a lot to say about who you are as a couple. If you don’t choose your church, there are a few non-traditional officiants on Vashon to choose from including Pattie Hanmer, Lisa Devereau, Mela Bredouw at Vashon Cohousing (a great venue as well), Barbara Doepke, Gator Lanphear, and Susan Lynch.

Entertainment Hire a DJ or entertainer for the reception. Local Vashonites Michael Golen-Johnson, Michael Witmore, and Allison Shirk are all excellent choices.

Hotel Block For those guests and wedding party coming from off-island you will need a reliable location for them to stay. We have a comprehensive list with details and ratings for all the available properties on the Island. The Lodges is the Island’s only true hotel, however, if you’re looking to rent a complete home there are many to choose from including the Marjesira inn.

Transportation Any type of vehicle that needs to be used for wedding, such as limo or shuttles, those will need to be reserved. First Student provides shuttle service for your guests.

3 to 5 Months Before

Rehearsal Dinner Plan and invite.

Wedding Favors Order guest wedding favors. The Vashon Pharmacy has items you can choose from, and can coordinate orders ahead of time.

Flowers Your flowers and the decor are extremely important to a successful wedding and you can find many florists on Vashon from the Vashon Island Thriftway to the popular Herban Bloom located just in town. There are also Calico Gardens, and Delinda Mccann (the beautiful flower stand you see in Burton).

6 to 8 Weeks Before

Invitations Mail out invitations. You can mail them from the Post Office on Vashon, however, you might have better luck if they are mailed from off-Island.

Marriage License King County Marriage License fees are $64 (last we checked). You can obtain your license on Island at the Vashon Cmty. Service Center
10011 SW Bank Rd.
Vashon, WA 98070
Ph: 206.477.6659
They are open between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Tuesdays.

3 to 5 Weeks Before

Confirmation Confirm with all vendors the details of the ceremony and reception. Pay any deposits that have’t been covered yet, and talk details with them including arrival time and any special requests you might have.

1 to 2 Weeks Before

Guest Count Have the final guest count for caterer.

Confirm Times Confirm all times, one last time, with vendors and bridal party.

1 Day Before

Night Before Make sure everything is laid out and ready to go. This includes, license, rings, dress, make up and a bridal emergency kit.

What You Need to Know About Vashon for Your Wedding

The Weather

The Island is a beautiful place for your Vashon Wedding, however there are some things you should be aware of before you commit to the Island for your important day. The weather is very much in-line with typical Seattle weather with the added wetness that you will find on a coastal town. Storms, rain, and unpredictable overcast is a very common occurrence during our Fall and Winter months. As a result, most of the outdoor venues you see listed on our site will only offer their space from June through September. While the weather is not always guaranteed, when we experience clear skies and warm, the Island is the most beautiful location you will ever experience. The best weeks of weather will generally fall the last two weeks of July through the first two weeks of August. While the weather still is hit or miss during that time, you have a better chance of enjoying a nice day. Early July is almost always in cloud cover, and rain (yes, even the Fourth of July). The last few weeks of June will often grace you with perfect days on occasion, with temperatures a but more tolerable than they are in late July and early August. September will give you a bit f a chill, and if we’re having a wet summer you’re almost guaranteed rain, however there has been known to be a nice day or two.

Finding Everything You Need on the Island

No matter what time of year you plan your big day, be sure to have a backup for that chance of rain or clouds. Your wedding planner, or venue coordinator will help you with backup plans as there is almost a guarantee that they have experience with the unpredictable weather.

You can find almost all of what you need from a planner, officiant, florist, photographer, caterer, linen and tableware rentals on the Island. Vashon has become a popular destination for weddings, and therefore individuals and businesses have found ways to accommodate those looking to hold their wedding on the Island. In addition to our comprehensive list you can always ask around either on our Vashonites Facebook Group, or just pop in for a drink at May’s Kitchen and Bar, The Hardware Store Restaurant, Gravy or any other location and ask around. You’re almost guaranteed that you’ll either meet someone that has bee married on the Island, or at least knows someone that has.

Catering on Vashon Island

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Catering for Weddings in Vashon

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Wedding Venues on Vashon Island

Villa Vashon

Villa Vashon offers a fabulous waterfront wedding location with views of Puget Sound, ferries and Seattle. On the beach, lawn or in the garden we are ready for that special moment.

Guests can walk on the ferry from Seattle and when they reach Vashon it is a three minute walk to the wedding venue.

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Frogsong Vashon Wedding

This enchanting escape features 16-acres of English-estate-inspired gardens with a recirculating stream that flows 150-feet through the property, from a hillside down through the sunny lawn. Punctuated by leafy architectural statements, a contrasting color palette and floral adorned structures, Froggsong Gardens is the region’s most distinct outdoor garden estate venue.

Featuring rich natural beauty, luxurious tranquility and an elegant setting, guests will enjoy being immersed in the lush private gardens while taking in rolling territorial views and special spaces with indoor/outdoor fireplaces and covered pavilions.

Located centrally on Vashon Island, Froggsong Gardens is available for event bookings June – September. The venue is fully equipped for intimate events of 25 to large celebrations up to 250 with complete event planning services.

You can reach them by phone at (206) 932-4717.

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The Lodges Vashon Weddings

The Lodges on Vashon provide a rustic, modern backdrop for private events, weddings, parties and other important occasions. Offering unique spaces and can refer you to the best island catering and planning services to create the most memorable event or celebration.

Call them for more information about planning your event; they are holding all summer weekends for full buy-outs for weddings or events—if you are interested, 206-641-4717 to check availability and get a quote.

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Old Chaser Farm Wedding

A small farm on Vashon Island located southwest of Seattle, Washington raising vegetables and meat including sheep, goats, pigs, & chickens as well as chickens for eggs and bees for their honey. The farm has the ability and infrastructure to host small to large events catered by The Corson Building and The London Plane. For more information you can email the farm at

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Camp Sealth Wedding and Events

Camp Sealth is located on nearly 400 acres of forest and wetlands on the southwest shore of Vashon Island, Washington. The property includes over a mile of saltwater beach along Colvos Passage. Our main camp area is right beside the water and features a large play field, dining hall, office and most sleeping cabins and meeting spaces. Upper camp can be reached by car or on foot and includes two large play fields, the Wrangler retreat center, Uncle Wigglebottom’s cabin, campsites, and miles of hiking trails. With meeting spaces throughout the property suitable for groups of different sizes, the largest meeting space can accommodate up to 400 with the smallest space fitting groups up to 20. Most spaces feature views of the Puget Sound or our surrounding forests. Contact the camp at (206) 463-3174 or visit their website for more information.

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Pt Robinson Vashon Wedding

La Vie Photography

Point Robinson is a 10.0 acre shoreline park and historical and marine conservancy located on the east shore of Maury Island off Point Robinson Road overlooking East Passage. The site has provided fog and lighthouse service for vessels since 1885. The lighthouse has been fully automated since 1978. The Park District owns the upland part of the park; the remainder is on long term lease from the Coast Guard.

Vashon Park District offers you several choices for your wedding venue: the lighthouse, the lighthouse meadow, the barn meadow, the beach, or the houses. It’s a beautiful, romantic spot with stunning views of Mount Rainer and Puget Sound. It’s a place frequented by huge cargo ships, seals, and occasionally, Orca.

If you would like further information, please call Vashon Park District Lodgings Manager, Eric Wyatt at (206) 463-9602 or email at Additional information on Vashon Park District’s historical wedding rentals can be found on their website:

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Vashon Cohousing for Weddings

Eighteen households make up Vashon Cohousing with a mature and bountiful orchard. The common house – with three guestrooms, a large dining room and a full commercial kitchen – is a place to host friends and families, hold parties, share meals and gather for meetings. More than eight acres of natural areas – rich in bird life – surround our homes. Cider pressings. Potlucks. Bonfires. Work Parties. Bird walks. Regular meetings and gatherings. Finding ways to create community, engage children and enjoy each other’s company.

Many folks like to rent our wonderful and beautiful Common House for vacation, family events, weddings, etc. In addition, our kitchen is certified as “commercial” and many people rent it to prepare food for sale and/or catering. Please use their contact form to schedule.

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Camp Burton Vashon Wedding Venue

The beautiful Burton Lodge overlooks the bay with rustic beams and floor to ceiling windows. Boasting 20 acres, an amphitheater and ample lodging, we can help make the big day special for you and up to 120 guests. Offering accommodations in various configurations among its 13 cabins, 36 person dorm-style retreat center and various cottages. Room rates vary from $50.00 to $75.00 per night and cabins may be rented for $200.00 per night. They have 40 linen sets available to rent at $10.00 per set. Lodging may be limited based on surrounding reservations. Contact them by phone at 206 – 463 2512 or email CAMPBURTON.VASHON@GMAIL.COM.

Download their Wedding Brochure in PDF

The Catholic Parish of St. John Vianney  Vashon

In 1891, the largest shipbuilding dock on the west coast was established at Dockton, Vashon Island. As Croatian immigrants came west, a number of these families settled in Dockton to work in the industry. They brought with them their Catholic Faith. Thus it was at Dockton that the Vashon Catholic Church had its beginnings. On Labor Day in 1921, a pioneer priest, Fr. Herbert Mertens, traveled to Dockton to offer the first Mass at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Berry. He came thereafter once a month to care for the spiritual needs of the fifteen Catholic families.

Over the years, the grounds have been developed by parishioners to include serene places of worship and meditation such as the Memory Garden, the Stations of the Cross, the Rosary Garden with its beautiful statue of Mary and the grassy area and lovely spiritual artwork that can be seen from inside the church through the altar-side window.

The Catholic community of Vashon Island remember with love and gratitude those who came before us as a generous and industrious force in our lives. The church has continued to flourish with our parish family ever changing yet remaining not just as a building in which to worship, but, as a place to enjoy fellowship and to develop and practice our Catholic faith.

Contact the church by phone at 206 567.4149 or mail

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Villa Vashon

In partnership with Herban Feast, Nashi Orchards celebrates the availability for orchard weddings and events. Guests will enjoy meandering through the Asian pear and heirloom apple orchards, wonder at the large lily pads in the tea house pond and enjoy the verdant gardens that surround the home created in the style of the Katsura 17th century Japanese country estate. Nashi Orchards is located on 27-acres and offers the perfect bucolic setting for the most memorable weddings and events. Escape into the elegant outdoors.

The Unique Nashi Orchard Experience

Your guests can tour the orchard and learn how sustainable orchard practices create the best and most flavorful fruit, discover the process of making perry and cider and enjoy a private tasting of our award-winning libations with the cidermaker and owners.

Perfect for outdoor events and celebrations, Nashi Orchards venue accommodates seated indoor events up to 30 and outdoor events for up to 150. Terraces, an expansive outdoor space and covered ciderhouse pavilion create a connection to the outdoors, which feature distinct areas for a variety of activities. Located on the South end of beautiful Vashon Island, Nashi Orchards is available for event bookings June – September. The venue is perfect for weddings and celebrations of all kinds.

Located on the south end of beautiful Vashon Island, Nashi Orchards is available for event bookings June – September. Their venue is perfect for events of 25-150 guests. Contact them by email at for a tour or to schedule your next event.

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Vashon Island Wedding Venues

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