Islands to visit in Seattle WA


Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to live in the 80’s? Vashon Island over by Seattle WA, is where you want to be, from its shops to its cafe’s, Vashon is locked in the 80’s and we have no complaints, the community is tight and friendly, everyone knows everyone. From its 80’s esque movie theater, to its old style restaurants and cafes, Vashon Island has everything you could ever need. The short ferry ride from Seattle to Vashon island is extremely quick and stressless, not a moment wasted on this trip.

Strolling the beaches and stopping along the way at various trails and other activities, Vashon provides a nice soothing appeal, the gift shops and even grocery stores are packed full of merchandise to show your island pride. One of our most proud restaurants is The Hardware Store, but don’t be fooled by the name, they have some of the best dinner, lunch, and breakfast time meals. By far one of the best things to do in the Seattle area is to come walk the beaches and create memories in the shade of the trees with the sand under your feet. Enjoy kayaking, swimming, beautiful sunsets, and wildlife spotting, here on Vashon Island, Just off the Seattle coast where there’s always something to do.

All the islands around vashon island


The San Juan Islands are perfect for escaping civilization and enjoying the heat of the sun with your eyes on the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Some of the best things to do here are whale watching, kayaking, and swimming. Be sure to bring a camera, spotting wildlife, marine life, and the beautiful landscape. Catch the breathtaking sunset over the Olympic Mountains over at the Lime Kiln State Park. Wander the lavender fields of Pelindaba Lavender, stop for a picnic or even just to take some pictures, the long, bright, purple, fields of the farm offer soothing aromas and a peaceful aesthetic perfect for winding down after a day on the beach on this Washington based island.

Travel decades back to these Seattle islands and pace the shores as the marine life travel alongside on their way to and from their summer feeding grounds and winter breeding areas, you’ll easily spot Orcas and Minke Whales. Other marine life can be seen there too, including Stellar Sea Lions and Harbor Seals. Bring binoculars and a camera to view and capture these adorable animals in their natural habitat.

Now talking specifically of Orcas Island, the 50 plus square miles of lush green forests and lakes to view, the sights on this island are always as breathtaking as they could be. The horseshoe shaped island has plenty of hikes and horseback riding trails to offer, so grab some friends and wash away your anxiety in these beautiful waters. Long beaches on and off the coast are some of the best attractions on this island as it has seen plenty of fresh growth over the years, backpack up the hills and down the mountain sides, enjoy the peace of being alone and bring yourself on a vacation to this almost tropical feeling island. One of the best islands to visit around Seattle.


Bainbridge Island is a short ferry ride away, being just over 30 minutes, the ride offers plenty of views across the water. The many beaches and parks offer a plethora of activity, visiting the cafes and shops scattered throughout the town of Winslow. You could spend hours walking the beaches and finding wineries across the waterfront, small trips between shops would leave you in wonder at the trinkets as you sink your teeth into fresh produce from the island itself. Walk away feeling brighter and indulge in the astonishing food from the many restaurants.

Not only does Baindbridge offer many fruits and veggies, but it also showcases some of nature’s finest formations, from cliffsides and hills, to bendy beaches at the waterfront. Enjoy some slack and tether yourself around some fine wine at one of the several establishments. Baked goods and morning brews can be found down nearly every street, providing plentiful options.


The forests of Whidbey Island are all interesting, but one thing always catches the attention of hikers, the 16 acres of peppered sculptures, thanks to Scott Price, you can go on a nice nature walk and visit the many sculptures planted around in the clearings. Stick around through August 14th and 15th and catch yourself entranced in the Coupeville Arts Festival, wander around in awe of the many trinkets and clothing items, there’s nothing to lose other than yourself on this island of wonder.

Don’t forget to check out a couple of Whidbey’s frequent contests, the many restaurants and cafes. The best experiences always include walks on the beach and that is something Whidbey has an abundance of, with its many low population public beaches, you can feel free to take pictures, have a picnic, and create memories fond to you and your friends.


Blake Island is the camper’s delight when it comes to being a massive open marine park, with over 1,000 acres and 5 miles of beaches, the length of your stay is up to you, hiking and backpacking are some of the more popular things to do here, as you can find plenty of places to plant your tent or picnic and waste away the hours in its lush greenery.

Tillicum village is definitely a point of interest you should take a peak at once in your lifetime, and with the only access being by boat, the island is never overpopulated and can feel miles from civilization, enjoy the tribal performances with your peers at the longhouse restaurant while you watch the beautiful tribal performances.