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  • Only On Vashon – The Weekly Rundown 06/24/2022
    This week: The Vashon freeze; chicken coop tea lights from Grannies; free hugs; a rotting house is for sale – $395k; why is the dog barking?
  • Only on Vashon- The Weekly Rundown 06/16/2022
    This week: Hiding mushrooms; humans are the invasive species, or was it tech bros? People speeding at 1 am down the Highway need to STOP; Anna has a solution for the 4 way and more.
  • Only on Vashon- The Weekly Rundown 6/10/2022
    This week: What restaurant do we like? Restaurants should be open 24/7 and bars past when the last movie lets out; The median age of Vashon is 10 years older; We’re arguing about speed limits again; The lawnmower rant; Cows loose; and a rescued Mother Cat.
  • Only on Vashon- The Weekly Rundown 06/03/2022
    This week: A proper grammar rant; the 2 boat schedule; what did you put on your theater tiles? …and why aren’t you leaving enough for everyone?
  • Only on Vashon – The Weekly Rundown 05/27/2022
    This week: Rehoming wild rats; poor quality produce on the island; an old bike for $87k, $8k, $7k? Grey haird pigtails make life better; this page is toxic rant; and more…

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