Vashon Island

The island gem of puget sound

Vashon Island is Washington’s largest island in the Puget Sound, just south of Admiralty Inlet. There are no bridges to the island, so the only way to get to Vashon is by boat or ferry from Seattle or Tacoma. It’s about a 15 minute ferry ride from Fauntleroy Terminal in Seattle and just a bit less from Tacoma’s Point Defiance to Telequa (South of the Island). There is one public airport on Vashon island and one private airstrip on the famous (and for sale) Misty Island Farms). While you can charter a flight there is no regular air service. King County Metro bus line operates Monday through Friday down the length of the island on the Vashon Highway running regularly allowing for commuters to get to the passenger ferry with ease.

Visitors frequent Vashon Island in the Spring and Summer months allow for nicer weather and a beautiful atmosphere. Those warm months are filled with outdoor activities that include many biking challenges like the Passport to Pain; 3k – 10k runs like the popular Bill Burby fun run during the Strawberry Festival in July; and weekends allow for outdoor concerts; the local farmer’s market, wine, brew and cider tours; and amazing food housed on Vashon Island.

Known for its Tranquil Haven of Natural Beauty and Cultural Richness

Nestled in the serene waters of Puget Sound, Vashon Island stands as a verdant gem in Washington State, exemplifying a harmonious blend of rustic charm and cultural richness. Renowned for its picturesque landscapes, the island is a haven of tranquil beaches, lush forests, and sprawling farmlands, providing a serene backdrop to a community deeply connected to nature. Despite its proximity to the bustling urban centers of Seattle and Tacoma, Vashon Island retains its peaceful, rural ambiance, offering a tranquil retreat for both residents and visitors alike.

The island’s vibrant tapestry is woven with threads of artistic creativity, agricultural heritage, and a unique independent spirit. A thriving artistic community finds inspiration in the island’s scenic beauty, producing many artworks celebrating Vashon’s diverse and rich cultural atmosphere. Small farms and markets dot the landscape, offering a taste of locally produced, organic goods, while community events like the Strawberry Festival embody the island’s close-knit and self-reliant spirit. The diverse array of outdoor activities and the island’s accessibility further contribute to its appeal, making Vashon Island a beloved destination with a myriad of attractions.

Vashon Island is a picturesque island in Puget Sound, located in Washington State. It’s known for several things:

  1. Rural Character and Scenic Beauty: The island is known for its scenic landscapes, including forests, beaches, and farmland. It offers a peaceful, rural atmosphere, which is particularly appreciated given its proximity to urban areas like Seattle and Tacoma.
  2. Artistic Community: Vashon Island has a vibrant artistic community with numerous galleries, studios, and events showcasing local artists and their work. The island has been a haven for artists, musicians, and writers, contributing to a diverse and rich cultural atmosphere.
  3. Agriculture: The island has a strong agricultural heritage, with many small farms and markets offering organic and locally produced goods. It’s not uncommon to find roadside farm stands selling fresh produce on the honor system.
  4. Outdoor Activities: Vashon offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and biking. It’s a popular place for people who enjoy nature and outdoor recreation.
  5. Accessibility: Despite its rural character, Vashon Island is relatively close to the urban centers of Seattle and Tacoma, accessible by ferry. This makes it a popular place for commuters who prefer a more peaceful living environment, as well as for day-trippers from the city.
  6. Community Events: The island hosts several events throughout the year, including the Vashon Island Strawberry Festival, which features parades, live music, and other activities celebrating the island’s community spirit and agricultural heritage.
  7. Independent Spirit: The island is known for its independent, self-reliant spirit and close-knit community. The residents often express a strong connection to the land and each other, contributing to the island’s unique character.

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Get to Know Vashon Island

The Simple Lifestyle On Vashon Island Today

With a populace of nearly 11,000 residents, the island maintains its charm with a relaxed lifestyle reminiscent of a bygone era. There are no freeways, and the main roads across the island are lightly traveled and somewhat in need of repair. A large percentage of the inhabitants are artists or owners of small family-sized farms. Without a connecting bridge to the mainland, industry and businesses are not interested in locating there. To preserve their comfortably casual style of living, the people who call the island home have fought vigorously to prevent a bridge from being built, which they are sure would be an invitation to the large agricultural industry. The only way for visitors to access Vashon Island is by ferry. Several ferry lines run dozens of trips daily from the mainland. In fact, it only takes 22 minutes to reach the island from downtown Seattle by ferry.


Vashon is home to many well known places to eat on the Island. With many pizza, Mexican style, bistro, cafes and an nationally recognized Thai restaurant you can’t go wrong with your choice.


There are nearly 200 Airbnb listings on Vashon, and many of them are on VRBO as well. Visitors can book just a room in someone’s home, a small cottage/studio in a backyard, a full home on some land or with a water view or enjoy a stay at the Vashon hotel in town “The Lodges“.


What a lot of people don’t know is that Vashon is home to many parks to visit with  many miles of trails and beach to enjoy. A couple of the parks even have historical locations you can book for an evening or more for a mini-vacation on the water.