Everything Vashon Residents Need to Know

//Everything Vashon Residents Need to Know
Everything Vashon Residents Need to Know2019-04-28T03:35:33+00:00

What You Should Know Before You Move to Vashon

So many visitors come to Vashon and fall in love with the Island and it’s people. However, before making the commitment to move potential Vashonites should get to know it’s quirks along with it’s gems. Most residents recommend booking an Airbnb or VRBO rental for a week or even a month in the winter months to fully understand what living on the Island is like. Summer is another excellent time as commutes can be worsened by summer tourists.

Regardless of the difficulties island life my entail, the residents on Vashon are warm and welcoming. There are plenty of activities to enjoy and lot’s of ways to get out an enjoy socializing.

Advice From Vashonites

What advice would you give someone who fell in love with Vashon and wants to move here?

Posted by Vashon-Maury.com on Friday, April 26, 2019

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We have gathered a comprehensive directory of things to do on Vashon Island with links to categories listings businesses on the Island on our pages here.  Click the button to the right for a more comprehensive guide of various things to do on Vashon for young couples, families, experienced folk, artists, patrons of fine dining, music lovers and more.

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