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  • I have been working with Zoe for personal training for 5 months now and am proud of how far I have come. My core and balance have improved, which is affecting my horseback riding equitation in a very positive way. My overall body strength has grown. I can lift weights that I would never have even dreamed of before. Last year I had frozen shoulder. While I have been recovering these last few months, Zoe is patient with me and pushes when she knows I can be pushed.
    I highly recommend the personal training. Zoe works with you on what your goals are and comes up with a personal plan that works best for you. Each time I come in, she has my workout and weights all ready for me and writes down notes on how I handle each set. If I could lift more weight, she notes it and pushes me the next time. If I struggle at the machine, she notes it and starts me off slow the next time.
    If personal training isn’t for you, and you need some guidance, there are video screens in the rooms with ideas and explanations on how to do each set. Super easy, and fun!

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