Bus Schedule

Use Google Maps to Find the Next Bus

Use Google Maps to determine which bus you should catch from uptown and if they are late.

Although there are few designated bus stops on Vashon, Buses will generally pick you up from anywhere along their established routes.

Tahlequah Ferry Terminal
99th Ave SW & SW 264th St
Vashon Hwy SW & SW Burton Dr
Dockton Rd SW & SW Ellisport Rd
Valley Center P&R
Vashon Hwy SW & SW 204th St
Vashon Hwy SW & SW Bank Rd
Vashon Heights
Vashon Hwy SW & SW 120th St
Vashon Ferry Terminal
1184:04 AM4:09 AM4:13 AM4:18 AM4:23 AM
1184:22 AM4:31 AM4:36 AM4:41 AM4:48 AM4:52 AM
1195:00 AM5:11 AM5:14 AM5:19 AM5:29 AM5:33 AM
1185:30 AM5:39 AM5:44 AM5:49 AM5:59 AM6:03 AM
1186:01 AM6:06 AM6:11 AM6:21 AM6:25 AM
1186:36 AM6:41 AM6:46 AM6:55 AM7:00 AM
1187:11 AM7:21 AM7:26 AM7:31 AM7:40 AM7:45 AM
1197:28 AM7:44 AM7:47 AM7:52 AM8:01 AM8:06 AM
1198:54 AM9:08 AM9:11 AM9:16 AM9:25 AM9:30 AM
1199:54 AM D10:03 AM10:06 AM10:11 AM10:20 AM10:25 AM
11810:28 AM10:37 AM10:43 AM10:48 AM10:57 AM11:00 AM
11811:30 AM11:41 AM11:46 AM11:51 AM12:00 PM12:03 PM
1191:00 PM D1:09 PM1:12 PM1:17 PM1:26 PM1:31 PM
1182:40 PM2:48 PM2:53 PM2:58 PM3:06 PM3:11 PM
1183:28 PM3:35 PM3:40 PM
1184:00 PM4:08 PM4:13 PM4:18 PM4:25 PM4:30 PM
1194:00 PM4:14 PM4:17 PM4:22 PM4:30 PM4:35 PM
1184:55 PM5:03 PM5:08 PM5:13 PM5:20 PM5:25 PM
1185:52 PM6:00 PM6:05 PM6:09 PM6:16 PM6:21 PM
1195:52 PM6:05 PM6:08 PM6:13 PM6:20 PM6:25 PM
1186:17 PM6:22 PM6:26 PM6:33 PM6:38 PM
1186:58 PM7:06 PM7:11 PM7:15 PM7:22 PM7:28 PM
1197:36 PM7:49 PM7:52 PM7:56 PM8:03 PM8:08 PM
1187:43 PM7:51 PM7:56 PM8:00 PM8:06 PM8:12 PM
1188:43 PM8:50 PM8:55 PM8:59 PM9:05 PM9:09 PM
1189:57 PM F10:05 PM F10:11 PM F