Horseback Riding on Vashon

Vashon Island has one of the tightest knit and very involved equestrian community in the Pacific Northwest.

Public Parks for Riding on Vashon

Vashon Island has a very robust and involved equestrian community. If you’re looking to bring your hoofed friend to try some horseback riding on Vashon Island you have many trails to ride on while you are here.

If showing your horse is your thing, you have many events to choose from all hosted by the local Olympus Pony Club and the Vashon Island Rock Riders 4H club. Horse shows on the Island are generally open to the public and are a lot of fun.

For the more serious equestrian Vashon Island offers an array of professional trainers and high level experts who compete at the most prestigious events around the US.

Those interested in Horseback riding on Vashon Island can join the Vashon Island Equestrians group on Facebook to become one with the community and to find out more about events and happenings.