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Bringing your dog to Vashon Island

From a visitor's perspective, Vashon Island in Washington State is the perfect place to bring your pup!

A Guide to Vashon Parks

Here are a few of Vashon's parks, and one just across Vashon on the penninsula.

Greenheart Exchange is looking for a family at Vashon High School to host an exchange student next year

The students have good to excellent English, medical insurance, and spending money. They come from over 40 countries. Some have come on a scholarship that...

Vashon Island Restaurants 2022

Whether you have a few days or just a few hours, there is a taste for what you love on the island.

Vashon Island Accommodations

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway this summer, or are interested in starting a new chapter in a new place, our very own Vashon...

Covid-19: What I’ve learned about being prepared

Vashon Island has a whole Facebook group dedicated to being prepared. As a Vashonite, I think it’s a good idea to be prepared. We always...

A Note from VashonBePrepared

Vashon Emergency Operations Center (EOC) team and VashonBePrepared are currently activated to support Vashon during the COVID-19 pandemic, under the direction of Incident Commander VIFR...

Dockton Forest – Mountain Bike Trails near Vashon Island

Vashon Island is one of my favorite vacation spots, and I’m always looking for new things to do. I don’t want to go too far...

Things to do Around Vashon Island – Point Robinson Park

If you’re living in or visiting Vashon Island, then you need to know where to go. The average passerby will have no idea that neat...

Things to do Around Vashon Island – Blake Island

Blake Island State Park is a little less than an hour’s commute from Vashon Island, making it one of the best things to do if...