Vashon Island Accommodations

The Best Destination No One’s Heard Of

Except for us Vashonites

Vashon Island’s accommodations include Point Robinson Keepers’ Quarters, located in historic Point Robinson Park, The Marjesira Inn on the Water, The Lodges, and more. An historic building that has been an inn, a general store and more, The Marjesira Inn offers simple rustic charm right on the beachfront. The Lodges offers pet-friendly accommodations and is within a five minute walk from many dining options. There are also many Airbnb listings on the Island. With all the many Vashon Island accommodations available, you’re sure to find one to suit your needs.

When you arrive, your first stop should be in the small crossroads town of Burton where you can find a variety of cute little shops and local eateries. The Burton Coffee Stand and the Snapdragon Bakery provide both visitors and locals alike with delicious treats.

While the island is fairly remote and only accessible by car ferry from nearby Seattle, there are still plenty of things to do on the island. Maury Island Marine Park or the Point Robinson Park are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, boating, cycling, or even just wandering! Keeping the environment in mind, the uptown area of the island is perfect for those who like to do their errands without using their car. While you’re out shopping, be sure to stop by The Ravens Nest, an art gallery and gift shop that sells a mix of traditional and native art. The Country Store is another worthy stop on your trip as it has been around for 50 years and sells just about anything you could need!

When it comes to places to eat, our restaurants could rival many other popular vacation destinations. The Hardware Store, named for the building it is housed in, serves upscale American fare and is extremely popular for lunch. Patty’s Place serves breakfast all day with a special fusion of Hispanic and Asian cuisine. The Vashon Sugar Shack, (which, by the way, serves more than just dessert!) is a hidden gem.

The atmosphere and pace of the island is much slower than that of mainland Washington, and it’s relaxed feel is drawing more visitors every year. Locals recall that they rarely used to have tourists and now the summer season draws crowds, many of whom end up wanting to move there! If that happens to be you, you can expect to find the island a welcoming place no matter who you are or where you’re from. The islanders pride themselves on their unique culture, perfectly captured in their popular bumper sticker: “Keep Vashon Weird.” The island is home to an eclectic mix of celebrities, commuters from Seattle, organic farmers, and those who just want to build their own life their own way.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway this summer, or are interested in starting a new chapter in a new place, our very own Vashon Island is the place to be!

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