Top 10 Things to Do this Fall on Vashon Island, WA

A Look At Some Popular Attractions on Vashon Island, WA

Vashon Island, Washington is known for its sparse population. The Island provides free range for visitors to enjoy the scenery. The Island features great food mixed with a unique rural experience. The Island is close by Seattle and just a short drive to Portland. Here is a look at some popular things to do on Vashon Island.

Hogsback Farm

Hogsback Farm is a privately held company in the area. Hogsback Farm is a member of The Washington Tilth Producers Farm organization. If you head to Hogsback Farm, you’ll get to view several farm activities.

GreenMan Farm

GreenMan Farm is located deep in the heart of Puget Sound. GreenMan Farm is considered the first bio dynamic CSA farm on the island. GreenMan Farms helps out the nearbyFarmer’s Market. GreenMan Farm is also active at the downtown Village Green, where they serve a selection of fruits, eggs, and vegetables. GreenMan Farms harvests several crops, including Asian greens, carrots, kale, parsley, pumpkins, and zucchini. Stop by the GreenMan Farm to enjoy some fresh produce.

La Biondo Farmstand

La Biondo Farm & Kitchen offers customers produce, dairy products, and meat throughout the year at the La Biondo Farmstand. La Biondo offers catering as well, as its owner Karen Biondo, has several blogs and podcasts to help people learn about food, farming, and gardening. During the fall, La Biondo offers several special dishes, including pastured pork, mustard vinaigrette, squash, and beets. La Biondo also offers several made to order soups.

Burton Hill Farms

The owners of Burton Hill Farms created several organic veggie farms in nearby Seattle and Northern California. Eventually, they decided to bring their love of cheese to the islands. Burton Hill Farms offers customers several types of goat cheese, including Chevre, St. Benedict’s blue, and Beachfire blue. Burton Hill Farm also serves whey fed pork and different types of goat milk soap.

Island Center Forest

Island Center Forest is a forest and nature preserve that is owned by King County Parks. If Island Center Forest is near you, consider stopping by The Island Center Forest to explore The Mukai Pond and Meadowlake Wetlands. The Island Center Forest provides shelter for several species of wildlife in the industry. There are different trails in the forest that you can use to hike or go biking.

Vashon Water Sports

There are tours available that allow you to explore Quartermaster Harbor. Consider taking the popular moonlight tour where you can watch the moon come up over Maury Island.

Seattle Distilling Company

One of the most popular things to do in the area is visiting The Seattle Distilling Company. The Seattle Distilling Company uses the best local ingredients. The Seattle Distilling Company was recently honored as one of the best craft distilleries in America. Some of the featured products include Seattle Distilling Vodka, Seattle Distilling Gin, and Seattle Distilling Coffee Liqueur.

Glass Bottle Creamery

The Glass Bottle Creamery sells local dairy products made from ingredients on the Island and Puget Sound region. Glass Bottle Creamery partners with several other businesses in the area. If the creamery is near you, stop by and enjoy some delicious ice cream.

Palouse Winery

Palouse Winery sources their grapes from Eastern Washington. The Palouse Winery makes several different types of wines. Palouse Winery has partnered with The Seattle Distilling Company to create multiple wine paring activities. If you are close by, stop in to try some great wine.


Snapdragon is considered one of the Island’s favorite hangout spots. Snapdragon offers patrons different soups, salads, and pizza. On the weekend, Snapdragon hosts different Jazz performances. Other things to do while visiting Snapdragon include visiting The Hastings-Cone Gallery and The Home Sweet Home Bar.

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