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Cafe Luna: A Vashon Island Gem with a Heartwarming Personal Attachment

Cafe Luna on Vashon Island, once Mary Bagley's Sandpiper, serves the finest organic coffee, delightful treats, and fosters community vibes. Join us in sharing the...

Unlocking Success for Your Vashon Local Business: Fresh Strategies and Promotion Services

Support local businesses on Vashon Island with innovative strategies and personalized promotion services. Elevate your business and connect with the community for lasting impact.

The Enchantment of Vashon Island: Oscar, The Bird King by Thomas Dambo

Renowned artist Thomas Dambo brings "Oscar, The Bird King" to Vashon Island, blending art and environmental awareness. The article delves into Dambo's impactful work, his...

Bringing your dog to Vashon Island

Vashon Island in Washington State is the perfect place to bring your pup!

Vashon Island Pet Protectors (VIPP) – One Vashonite Expresses Appreciation for this Local Organization

This touching tribute was posted on Vashonites this Thursday, January 4, 2023 by Rebecca Dunakin of the Old Goats Home and I felt it needed...

The Story Behind the Bicycle in the Tree on Vashon Island, WA

The story you have heard of a boy who went to war is far from the truth behind this bicycle in the tree.

The Best Way to Promote Your Vashon Local Business

Jenn's advice for local businesses promoting on Vashon - Set your voice and personality, engage with the online community, stay active, show up and be...

Vashon Island Ferry Schedule – Can we talk about the two boat schedule?

Let's talk about what the two boat schedule means, how it happens and the community's continued frustrations.

A Look at the Best Hiking Trails on Vashon

If you enjoy exercising, Vashon, Washington is the perfect destination for you! There are several things to do on Vashon Island, especially if you like...

Cemetery Trailhead Island Center forest

Things to do Around Vashon Island – Cemetery Trailhead Island Center Forest If you’re on Vashon Island and you want to go for a hike,...