Vashon Island Pet Protectors (VIPP) – One Vashonite Expresses Appreciation for this Local Organization

This touching tribute was posted on Vashonites this Thursday, January 4, 2023 by Rebecca Dunakin of the Old Goats Home and I felt it needed to be shared with the world.

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of touring another rescue on the island that I have long admired for both their care of animals, the dedication of their volunteers, and just how much they do for our little islands dogs and cats.

VIPP (vashon Island Pet Protectors) has long been a staple in this community. Bringing together families, and healing hearts one paw print at a time.

Photo 134493956 / Dog Cat © Stefano Ember |

I’ve never seen behind the scenes and what an eye opener. Superior care for each individual, tailored food for each kitty. Their medical and quarintine spaces is something other rescues would druel over its so beautifully done.

The volunteers are so dedicated, working shifts every single day to ensure continuity of care across the board. Some are there to clean, some are there for feed time, others are there to interact and enrich the lives of the cats and dogs in their care.

The home like environment that each foster and rescue lives within ultimately prepares them for their very own family in the best setting a cat or dog could ask for.

I would day after my experience, that Vashon Island Pet Protectors ( is the bridge to a cat or dogs forever home.

If you are on Vashon and would like to help out they are always looking for new volunteers to come join the crew…this is a rescue that was ground roots on Vashon and has grown into the magnificent service it is today. The community programs they have are second to none and have been well established for decades.

If you haven’t already, go check out what they offer, and depth of dedication they each have to providing the very best care for each animal that calls VIPP their bridge to their new home.

Watch Rebecca’s tribute reel that was included with her post on Instagram.

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Jenny Mathews
Author: Jenny Mathews

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