A Sneak Peek into Vashon’s Celebrity Roster

Welcome, fellow islanders and curious wanderers, to a whimsical journey through the star-studded pastures of Vashon Island. Nestled in the embrace of Puget Sound, this gem of an island has played host to more than just the serene beauty of nature. Yes, my friends, it’s time to spill the tea on some celebrities who have graced our shores, leaving behind whispers of their Hollywood glitz and island charm.

John Ratzenberger

Have you ever watched “Cheers” and wondered who that know-it-all mailman was? None other than John Ratzenberger, AKA Cliff Claven. Now, if you’re scratching your head thinking, “Cliff who?” fear not, for Ratzenberger’s vocal cords have been busy beyond the small screen. With roles in 22 Pixar movies, including the iconic Hamm from the “Toy Story” franchise, Ratzenberger’s voice is as ubiquitous as Vashon’s lush greenery. And even though his Pixar streak might have ended, his legacy lives on, tucked away in the memories of every Toy Story fan and, perhaps, in the rustling leaves of our island.

Berkeley Breathed

Picture this: a whimsical tale set on our very own Vashon Island, where reality dances with the fantastical in a merry waltz of storytelling. Berkeley Breathed, former Islander and creator of the beloved comic strips “Bloom County” and “Opus,” knows a thing or two about spinning a yarn. His “Red Ranger Came Calling” sheds light on the mystery of the infamous red bike nestled in an island tree and paints a portrait of Vashon where the ordinary and the extraordinary share a cup of tea. From reclusive elders who may or may not be Santa to matter-of-fact Aunt Vys straight out of island lore, Breathed’s tale is a testament to the magic woven into the fabric of our island home.

Joel McHale

Ah, Joel McHale, known to some as the witty Jeff Winger from “Community” but to us islanders, as the son of a local hero. His mother, residing on the north end not far from the ferry dock, was embroiled in a battle with none other than the USPS. In a tale reminiscent of David versus Goliath, McHale took to our humble island blog to air his grievances, highlighting the struggles of islanders deprived of door-to-door mail service. It’s a saga of epic proportions, where the clash between bureaucracy and island life unfolds against the backdrop of McHale’s sharp wit and unwavering determination.

More Island Dwellers of Note

But wait, there’s more! Our island’s star-studded lineup doesn’t end there. From Grammy-winning musicians like Steve Berlin of Los Lobos to the comedic genius of Alex Borstein, famous for her roles on “MADtv” and as the voice of Lois Griffin on “Family Guy,” Vashon Island boasts a diverse cast of characters worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. And let’s not forget former Washington state governor Booth Gardner, Train’s founding member Rob Hotchkiss, the enigmatic Amanda Knox, and the illustrious Edith Derby Williams, whose presence graced our shores with the weight of presidential history.

So there you have it, dear readers, a glimpse into the star-studded tapestry that is Vashon Island. From the familiar voices of our childhood to the whimsical tales spun by our very own islanders, each celebrity leaves behind a trail of stardust, enriching the fabric of our island community. So, the next time you find yourself strolling along our shores or sipping coffee at a local café, remember: you never know who might be sharing the seat next to you—a Hollywood legend or an island hero, both equally at home under Vashon’s starry skies. Who knows what tales they might have to tell?

Who’s your favorite island celebrity, and what story do you think they have yet to share?

Vashon Island
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Vashon is an Island located between Tacoma and West Seattle. This account manages the vashon-maury.com website full on useful information for residents and visitors of the Island.

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