A Look at the Best Hiking Trails on Vashon

If you enjoy exercising, Vashon, Washington is the perfect destination for you! There are several things to do on Vashon Island, especially if you like the outdoors. Hiking is a very popular activity. There are always hiking trails nearby, no matter where you are staying. With that being said, here is a look at some of the best hiking trails throughout Vashon Island.

Fisher Pond

Fisher Pond is located on the West end of the Island. While hiking on the trail, you’ll get to view the largest freshwater pond on the Island. There are designated areas for bird watching, ice skating, and fishing. The trail also leads to a picnic area by the Northwest corner.

Forestry Loop

Forestry Loop features a number of different signs that help explain the history of the area. Area residents wanted the loop to become a sustainable forest. Maintenance is regularly performed on the dirt single track. The narrow path includes plenty of ferns, bushes, and grass. You should be able to enjoy the plant life on the trail without having to worry about coming into contact with the plants. Animal life around the trail mostly consists of deers, with a few other creatures mixed in as well.

188th Trailhead

One of the best hikes trails, The 188th trail starts at The Island Center and takes hikers from the natural area to the center of the park. The dirt double track leads to an old growth forest. The trail undergoes regular maintenance, so hikers should enjoy a smooth experience along the trail. The Meadowlake Trail is close by if you are planning on visiting the wetlands.

Borrow Pit Loop

The Borrow Pit Loop is located near the Vashon Recycling & Transfer Station. The Borrow Put Loop is connected to the Westside Trail-head. The setting includes fallen pine needles, along with scattered rocks and roots. There are also many different types of lush vegetables around the path. Be aware that there are also a few muddy sections. Signs for the North Trail-land and Middle Fork are close by the Transfer Station.

North Trail

The North Trail is located on the boundary of the trail system. The trail starts on the Borrow Pit Loop’s Eastern side. The North Trail is a dirt single track that is a little bumpy, but offers support through some pine needles. As you make your way through the trail, there is a steep decline. After that, you’ll spend most of the trail going through dense tree cover. There are shortcuts at The West Fork and East Fork.

Fir Hill Trail

Fir Hill Trail is considered one of the best hikes trails on the island. The trail is known for its incline. The wide single track leads you to the tress near the South. You’ll also notice the combination of old and new growth. There is a shortcut that will take you into the Valley of The Firs. The trail ends at The Cemetery Trail-head.

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