A Guide to Vashon Parks

  • Ober Park

Ober Park is a nearby popular destination for many reasons. It’s got wonderful fields for sports like frisbee, soccer and more. And with easy access to trails, it’s also an extremely dog-friendly park. You’ll find plenty of room to take your canine friend off its leash so you can run free together after some disc or ball. There are miles of trails that you can explore too. Your dog will probably be more than happy to take you on a tour of the island.

  • Dockton Park

Dockton Park is one of the more popular parks on this Island near you with many things to do. There’s a large grassy area close by for events and gatherings, a pretty beach, and ample space to explore the water. The views from Dockton Park are something special too, so you might want to bring your camera along the next time you visit. And plenty of people visit as it’s also a popular spot for fishing. So if you’re looking to do a little bit of everything on your next park visit Dockton is an excellent choice.

  • Point Robinson Park

Point Robinson Park is great for hikers and those who love the outdoors near you. It’s located on the island’s east side and offers stunning views of Mt. Rainier, Vashon Island, Maury Island, and even Tacoma on a clear day. The park is also home to the Point Robinson lighthouse, which you can visit (and climb) if you feel like taking in some more history while enjoying the scenery. And if you don’t mind heights, there’s a viewing tower too. It’s only 85 feet tall, so kids and adults alike can climb up for a view that might be worth all the stairs.

  • Burton Acres Park

Burton Acres is a great nearby park to visit if you’re looking for a bit of everything. It’s got a playground for activities like, a basketball court, picnic tables close by, and more. A small creek runs through the park, so it’s perfect for kids who love to explore. You can even find some salmon in the creek during the fall months. If you’re lucky enough to visit Burton Acres during the wildflower season, it’s a great place for flower and nature enthusiasts. There are trails, hills, and more than four acres to explore, so pack a lunch and spend some time at this beautiful park.

  • Anderson Point County Park

If you’re looking for a more secluded park, Anderson Point is across the passage from Vashon, but also a great choice with many things to do. You’ll have plenty of space when you visit without feeling too crowded. There are also trails to explore when it comes time to stretch your legs. And if the weather changes unexpectedly, there are picnic shelters and public restrooms onsite. It’s an excellent park for those who like to regularly get out and explore with their kids or dogs.

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