Things to do Around Vashon Island – Blake Island

Blake Island State Park is a little less than an hour’s commute from Vashon Island, making it one of the best things to do if you live in or near the area. It’s an easy commute  from the Argosy Cruises Fast Ferry. The ferry runs just under $30 per person per trip (free for kids under 3). The trip will come with views of the Olympic Mountains as well as the Cascade Range.

If you happen to own your own private boat, as in a sailboat, kayak, or dingy, then you don’t need to pay for the ferry and you can trek to Blake Island on your own. This is only recommended if your boat can travel at a relatively decent pace. If it’s a paddle boat, you might want to take the ferry.


It’s not often that a subtitle for a local attraction is Raccoons, but there is good reason for this. If there was a study done about where you would find the most raccoons that aren’t afraid of people, it would likely be Blake Island State Park.

The raccoons here like to congregate on the beach, and they’re interesting to watch. They don’t present a danger, but if you travel to the island by boat and spend some time exploring the island, don’t be surprised if your boat is invaded by raccoons while you’re gone. There are steps you can take to prevent this, but that’s a whole different article: “Preventing Raccoon Boat Invasions On Blake Island.” For now, let’s see what Blake Island has to offer.

Tillicum Village

This is the highlight of the island because it’s rich in Native American artifacts and history. You also might see a storytelling dance show. All neat stuff, but if you want the truth, the highlight is if you book one of the tours of the island because it will include a buffet lunch with traditionally cooked salmon. I’m not a big salmon eater. In fact, people keep trying to force me to like it, but it’s just not happening. However, the salmon here is “Like Butter, Baby!”

In addition to raccoons and salmon (only one of which you should eat), you might spot bald eagles, sea otters, trees that are more than a century old (these are easier to spot because they don’t run away), and a totem pole (gotta show some love to the totem poles).

Facts About Blake Island

The park is 1,127 acres with 5 miles of shoreline, 7.5 miles of bike trails, and 8 miles of hiking trails. In addition to biking and hiking, other popular activities include clamming, crabbing, and diving.

If you’re in Vashon Island and you want to do something fun close by, go to Blake Island. By doing so, you can wrap boating, wildlife, history, and hiking all into one day. Nearby adventures are also a good way of saving some Benjamins without sacrificing experiences.

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