Suspect That Rammed Police Car Apprehended

According to the Sky Valley Chronicle
the suspect was taken into custody at 4:30 AM this morning after
breaking into an unoccupied home.

A police officer fired upon the individual the evening before when the
suspect allegedly rammed his truck into a police car and then fled on
foot in the Dockton area of Maury Island.

The series of events was triggered by numerous concerned calls to
police concerning the suspect’s behavior over the past few days, which
was described as “erratic.”

Residents were on high alert as several police helicopters and
multiple squad cars from several jurisdictions swept search lights
over the heavily-wooded areas near where the suspect was last seen.

Neighbors advised each other to lock their doors and turn on their
exterior lights. In a community where many feel safe and secure,
locking the doors is not necessarily a common practice.

Many residents turned to a handful of community Facebook groups to
stay abreast of the news, as details were scarce in the network news
given the rural nature of the island. Friends and neighbors kept each
other abreast of the situation through social media.

Extra police support was brought on-island as the manhunt got
underway. The officers involved called in a hostage negotiator as a
precaution. The suspect was apparently unarmed and on foot, which
mitigated the need for a SWAT team..

When the writer spoke to the officers they were hopeful to bring a
peaceful resolution to what they perceived as a mental health crisis.

According to several sources the suspect displayed increasingly
erratic behavior in the days leading up to the incident and on the day
of the incident a number of calls to the police were made by concerned

These calls did not lead to direct police action.

Police became involved after a domestic dispute, allegedly between the
suspect and his mother, which led to a 911 call.

No injuries were reported during the apprehension, although the
suspect was subdued by a taser gun deployed by an officer.

The officer who fired the gunshots during the car-ramming incident has
been suspended pending an investigation, per police policy.

It was a long night for Maury Island residents and the loved ones and
concerned friends of the suspect, who is reported as being safe in

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