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Musical Prodigies Peter Mulvey, Kat Eggleston, and Joe Panzetta: A Harmonious Convergence on Vashon Island

Peter Mulvey, Kat Eggleston, and Joe Panzetta will unite for a musical evening at Vashon Theatre, Vashon Island, on October 16, 2023. Presented by Debra Heesch, this event promises eclectic tunes and storytelling, blending genres like folk rock and alternative. The concert, marking a reunion for Mulvey and Panzetta, offers an unforgettable experience with tickets available at $20.

Reviving Island Spirit: “It’s Vashon Isle!” Transports Audience Back in Time for a Historic Show

From October 13-15, the Vashon Center for the Arts will host “It’s Vashon Isle!”, a historic revival of P. Monroe Smock’s 1926 radio show, brought to life by Jeff Hoyt. Featuring a diverse cast of local talents and a blend of original and contemporary music, the event promises a unique glimpse into the island’s past and present. Proceeds will benefit the Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Museum & Voice of Vashon.

Vashon Island two boats

Riding the Tide of Frustration: Vashon Island Residents Battle Persistent Two-Boat Schedule Woes in 2023

In 2023, Vashon Island residents continue to grapple with disruptions and frustrations due to the persistent implementation of a two-boat ferry schedule. The inadequacy of services, extended waiting times, and changes in ticketing processes have sparked community discussions and proposals for improvements. While a new ferry is in the horizon, pending state legislature funding approval, the need for resolving the ferry schedule issues remains crucial for the island’s growth and well-being. Residents nostalgically hope for a return to more pleasant and reliable ferry experiences. For the latest updates, check the official Washington State Ferries website.

Vashon CiderFest 2023: A Celebration of Cider and Community

This October 7th, Vashon Village welcomes cider enthusiasts and families alike to celebrate the rich cider heritage at CiderFest. Featuring award-winning ciders, the inaugural Amateur Cider Cup, and an array of family activities, the event is a vibrant blend of tradition, community, and culinary delight. Journey to Vashon Island is made seamless with the Washington State Ferry, promising a day of savoring flavors and fostering community connections.

Greenheart Exchange is looking for a family at Vashon High School to host an exchange student next year

The students have good to excellent English, medical insurance, and spending money. They come from over 40 countries. Some have come on a scholarship that it takes over a year to earn. Those students are chosen for their good grades, good English, positive attitude, and motivation to succeed. We have many students who need to …

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