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My favorite activities on Vashon Island for 2023

Vashon has a lot to offer in terms of experiences, such as parks and beaches, but there are also other locations and things to do that will give you an unforgettable experience.

At Jensen Point, go kayaking (Burton Acres Park)

Jensen Point is the best site to take advantage of everything the Island offers. On an island’s little point, the park is situated.

Maury Island is the feature directly across from the park. The Maury Island Aquatic Reserve includes the water that envelops the park. A boat launch and picnic tables are included in the park.

At the Jensen Point boathouse, Vashon Adventures is where you can rent kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. They provide rentals for two, four, or twelve hours. Please be aware that the boathouse only accepts reservations during certain times of the year.

Explore the Shinglemill Creek Preserve by hiking

Shinglemill Creek Preserve is a natural area covering more than 160 acres in the Island’s northern region. It is one of the Island’s top locations for outdoor activities. A three-mile journey through the verdant woodland will bring you to a beach access point.

You can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience during the salmon season when you can hear and see hundreds of salmon splashing around the river.

Discover Vashon Island’s “uptown”

I hear that the residents of Vashon call it “uptown” while we visitors call it “downtown.” Regardless of what you call it, like many of the islands in Washington State, it is a compact area filled with art galleries, eateries, and retail establishments. The Island Bookshop offers both new and used books, and Giraffe, a gift store with fair trade goods from all over the world, are just two of the beautiful hidden jewels in this area.


This tiny motel has been transformed into a beachside park on the west coast, nestled away. A little-known treasure that is well-liked by locals and infrequently packed is Lisabuela Park. Along the rocky shore, beachcomb or look for clams.

Play frisbee, bring your dog, or have a picnic on the vast grassy area or at one of the many picnic tables. Here, the wind can easily pick up, making it an excellent spot for kite flying or just relaxing and enjoying the sunset.

Bramble House

If you’re seeking a more sophisticated experience, Bramble House is probably the place because it’s one of the most excellent restaurants. The menu is diverse, offering anything from bolognese to confit duck leg.

They can accommodate dietary needs, and the gluten-free and vegetarian items on their menu are marked. Since they are only available for supper, you should call ahead and make a reservation.

They also have another option called Lia’s Chicken Shack, a more laid-back establishment that serves fried chicken and biscuits, among other things.

Wine sampling

This Island is home to several excellent vineyards with tasting rooms. Remember that most wineries are only open for tasting on weekends if you visit during the week. Palouse Winery and other Wineries are reachable through public transportation just off the bus line.

Another great place to visit is the Maury Island Winery, but driving is recommended there instead of taking the bus because it’s farther away.

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