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Nestled in the heart of Vashon Island, a serene and picturesque locale in the Pacific Northwest, is a delightful culinary gem that will leave your taste buds craving for more. Welcome to Vashon Pizza, a local eatery that has been serving up a wide range of pizza creations, each as unique as the island itself. The island’s natural beauty and unique charm extend to its culinary offerings, making Vashon Pizza a must-visit destination. We’ll delve into the diverse reviews on Yelp! from visitors, showcasing both the praises and candid observations about this island pizzeria.

A Pizza Experience Worth Savoring

Paul D. from San Rafael, CA, had this to say on his visit on July 12, 2023: “Excellent pizza for a great price! Came here with my wife and two kids and had a gluten-free veggie pizza and a regular pepperoni pizza. Everybody enjoyed their food. Also, the two people working at the restaurant were friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend!”

If you’re planning a trip to Vashon Island and looking for a pizza place with delicious offerings that won’t break the bank, Vashon Pizza is your answer. With options like gluten-free and veggie pizzas, it’s a great spot for families and groups of friends.

Yummy Pizza and Great Service

Krissm A. from Tacoma, WA, visited on January 13, 2023: “Yummy pizza and great service. It was our first visit to Vashon island. This pizza place is connected to a grocery store. Easy to find, lots of parking.”

Krissm highlights one of the unique aspects of Vashon Pizza – its location right next to the Vashon Market IGA. This convenience makes it easy for both locals and visitors to grab a delicious meal on the go.

Not All Reviews Are Positive

With its tight-knit community, Vashon Island often reflects its people’s warmth. Unfortunately, not all experiences are positive, as indicated by the reviews of Jamie a. from Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, and John I. and Melanie P. from Rosemead, CA. Their experiences were marred by what seemed to be an isolated incident of rudeness. While we hope this was a one-off situation, mentioning it for transparency is essential.

A Unique Pizza Destination

Cindy W., an Elite Yelper from Santa Rosa, CA, visited in 2018 and had this to say: “Vashon is a tiny island, and there are not a great deal of places to dine. This little hole in the wall of IGA is primarily a takeout place, as the interior leaves much to be desired, let’s call it bohemian. We ordered the chicken pesto pizza, and it was a good quality and taste.”

Cindy brings to light the unique charm of Vashon Pizza. Located within the Vashon Market IGA, it might not boast a lavish interior, but it more than makes up for it with its quality offerings.

Mixed Reviews on Flavor

Richard K., an Elite Yelper from Vernon-Rockville, CT, offers a balanced view: “While I like to give restaurants five stars if I think they do a pretty good job, which this pizza place does, but, for me, two things were lacking. First was I could tell the pizza had all the proper ingredients, and could kind of taste them, but no flavors stood out, like I couldn’t really taste sausage, nor the pepperoni. They were there, could see them, but was sort of bland flavor.”

While Vashon Pizza provides a satisfactory experience for many, others find the flavors somewhat muted. Taste can be subjective, and it’s always a good idea to try it for yourself.

A Wide Range of Pizza Specials

Vashon Pizza offers a variety of pizza specials, including The Vashon Deluxe, The Chicken Primo, The Ultimate Veggie, and many more. Their pizzas come in three sizes: 12″, 16″, and 18″. You can also choose between thick and thin crusts.

Additional Offerings

If pizza isn’t your only craving, Vashon Pizza has you covered with:

  • Calzones
  • Pizza Toast
  • House Salad
  • Caesar Salad
  • Pizza by the Slice
  • Dessert Pizza Pie
  • Cheese Bread
  • Bread Sticks

And much more!

Build Your Own Pizza

For the creative souls and pizza purists, Vashon Pizza offers you the chance to build your own pizza. Choose from various toppings, sauces, and crust sizes to create a pizza tailored to your tastes.

Vashon Pizza also caters to those with dietary restrictions with their gluten-free and cauliflower crust options.

Delivery and Service

Whether you’re a local islander or visiting Vashon for the first time, Vashon Pizza delivers its delicious creations to your doorstep. However, delivery times may vary, so plan accordingly.

To acknowledge the efforts of the hardworking delivery drivers, consider adding a gratuity to your order.

Despite some mixed reviews, Vashon Pizza remains a go-to spot for pizza lovers on the island. Remember that everyone’s taste is different, and visiting Vashon Pizza will give you the best insight into what they offer.

With its quirks and unique island charm, Vashon Pizza is a must-try for pizza enthusiasts. So, whether you’re a local resident or an intrepid traveler, make your way to Vashon Pizza and savor a slice of island life.

Prices listed on their website are NOT inclusive of tax. Orders of 5 or more pizzas will incur an automatic 15% gratuity.

Editor’s Note: We hope this review helps you get a taste of Vashon Pizza. Keep in mind that restaurant experiences can vary, so we encourage you to visit and form your own opinion

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