Ruby Brink: Where Butchery Meets Culinary Creativity on Vashon Island

Nestled within our charming island community, Ruby Brink stands out as an exceptional establishment with a unique approach to butchery and culinary creativity. The trio of partners running this restaurant and butcher shop, including the talented Lauren Garaventa, have crafted a philosophy emphasizing the importance of mindful meat consumption. Their approach extends to the menu, which revolves around a conscientious use of protein. The Ruby Brink focuses on utilizing only a limited quantity of meat, such as a single cow and four pigs each month, complemented by smaller, humanely raised breeds like ducks and lambs and occasionally sourced fish. This approach to food sourcing and preparation is both retro and radical, offering a distinct departure from the traditional, commodity-driven food system in the United States.

Inside Ruby Brink, you’ll find a thoughtfully curated selection of meats, including a few steaks, various loins, sausages, and an assortment of charcuterie. Customers can even request paper-wrapped items from the butcher counter to enjoy later. The utilization of less conventional animal parts takes center stage, shining a spotlight on braises and ground meats, with bacon playing a notable role. The menu offers comfort bowls, such as brisket served atop polenta with chunky tomato sauce or braised lamb paired with rice, roasted golden beets, and a soft cheese sprinkle reminiscent of a hearty, home-cooked meal. Garaventa and Biehn, self-proclaimed home cooks rather than professional chefs, guide their culinary journey with personal convictions.

The menu at Ruby Brink thrives on Vashon Island’s bountiful produce, and what sets it apart is its abundance of vegetarian options. Additionally, they excel in creating delectable toast dishes. Under partner Jake Heil’s guidance, the cocktail menu brings city-caliber concoctions to the island, introducing drinks like vieux carres and sherry-based libations. While adhering to zero-waste principles, the establishment even crafts housemade quince grenadine and a fermented carrot-infused bloody mary mix.

Ruby Brink has garnered praise and recommendations from patrons who have visited the island. The restaurant’s offerings, including the exceptional bone broth and dishes like the Meat and Noodle bowl, leave an indelible mark. With its dedication to changing the way diners think about meat and its commitment to crafting inventive cuisine and cocktails, Ruby Brink has firmly established itself as a culinary gem within our island community, setting the stage for a delightful dining experience and fostering a sense of community in the process.

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