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What is Vashon Island?

Vashon Island is a peaceful community located on one of the Pacific Northwest’s Puget Sound Islands. Made up of two islands separated by a bridge overstretching an ithmus (a narrow piece of land connecting two larger areas across an expanse of water by which they are otherwise separated), Vashon and Maury. Most refer to the Island as simply “Vashon”, long time residents refer to it (or the two rather) as “Vashon-Maury” to encompass both islands, and Maury residents will often refer to their peace of the rock as “Maury”. The Island stretches from West Seattle to Tacoma with access via ferry on both the North and South tips. With a population of around 10,000 residents, summer residents and additional visitors to the Island you will find a great sense of community and eclectic mix of artists, musicians, small business owners and well minded friends.

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About This Website

As a young girl and Vashon Island summer resident Jenny would listen to her Grandmother tell stories of the history of the Island and gossip about the customers in her shop and the building she owned just uptown (which is now home to Cafe Luna). For many years, Jenny wanted to provide information that she had gathered from her many visits as a child,  stories her Grandmother had told, and knowledge she gained as a year-round resident in her adult years. The website coupled with the Vashonites Facebook Group and Vashon-Maury Facebook Page were all created in 2014 as a place for visitors and new residents to Vashon Island could get information and learn the nuances of Island life.

Vashon Island is home to not only the popular eateries, quaint shopping, unique arts and the popular Strawberry Festival but is a community of rich culture and people that are extremely welcoming. Visitors and newcomers to Vashon often find it difficult and experience that it takes time to truly understand what it’s like to be here, and really know all that the island has to offer. Let this site be your resource!

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A place to talk about happenings and anything related to Vashon Island by and for Vashon Island residents or past residents (aka “Vashonites”). Following a code of conduct to ensure that our community continues to actively support one another.
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Get To Know Vashon Island

Visiting Vashon Island

How to Get to Vashon Island

Getting to Vashon Island is easy whether you drive, bike or walk there are many options to choose from. Driving in the most popular way to get to Vashon and with two ports of entry via the Pacific Northwest’s popular ferry routes you will enjoy a beautiful view of the sound during your travel.

If your getting to Vashon from Seattle just head to the West Seattle dock at the Fauntleroy ferry terminal next to Lincoln Park. If you’re getting to Vashon from Tacoma the dock is located at the end of Pearl street at the norther tip of Point Defiance just past the Point Defiance Zoo.

For more information including detailed directions, hot to bike, walk or bus it to the Island click here.

How to Get to Vashon Island