Weird things to do on Vashon

Treating yourself to a unique experience is one of the best ways to explore and appreciate Vashon Island. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or something a little more leisurely, there are plenty of weird things to do on the island in 2023.

Fence of Doors

Tardis from Dr. Who, the door from Friends, and even a set of lockers with “vote for Pedro” from Napolean Dynamite. If you’re lucky enough to be a patient of Dr. Langland, you can view these doors out the window just before your root canal. If you would like to avoid the dentist appointment to view the doors, you’ll find them across the alley between 17425 and 17429 Vashon Hwy SW. Technically, the doors are on 99th Place SW, just west of Vashon Hwy SW. 

Tour a Winery

On a winery tour, you can enjoy a chance to sample some of the Island’s finest wines. Some wineries offer guided tours, while others provide a more leisurely taste of the local flavors. It’s also a fun way to learn about winemaking and the history of the Island. be sure to pick up a few bottles of your favorite wines when you’re done.

Hard Cider Tasting

The Island offers a variety of hard ciders. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or more robust, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Many local cideries also offer tours and tastings for those who want to better understand how hard cider is made. They also offer the opportunity to sample some of their unique creations.

Mushroom Hunting

Photo 43512817 / Chanterelles Mushroom © Robin Eriksson |

The island is home to a variety of mushrooms. If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the island, why not go on a mushroom hunt? There are plenty of spots on the island where you can find edible mushrooms. However, it’s essential to understand what mushrooms are safe to eat and which should be avoided.


During the summer months, wild berries and herbs can grow in abundance in the Island. In addition, there are also edible plants that can be harvested during the right season. Be sure to research and get permission before harvesting any plants on the island.

Live Music

Vashon restaurants have a vibrant music scene and is home to several venues offering live music. The first friend of every month (aptly named “First Friday”), Vashon’s “uptown” is alive with music and art. There’s always something going on from small local acts to big-name performers. Check out the local venues to see what’s happening during your stay.

All-Merciful Savior Monastery Coffee and Soaps

The All-Merciful Savior monastery sells delectable coffee and soaps. Two years after being founded in 1986, the Brotherhood of the All-Merciful Savior came to the Pacific Northwest to establish a monastery on Vashon. The monks went about establishing a premium coffee company to support the monastery’s building program and meet the monks’ modest financial needs. You can order their crafts online or visit the monastery, but you must call and schedule a time before visiting.

Immerse Yourself in Nature

This Island is an idyllic place to explore and connect with nature. Take a hike or bike ride along one of the many trails, kayaking in the waters around Vashon, or explore one of the many beaches. There are plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

These are just a few weird and wonderful things to do on the Island. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, the island has something for everyone. So why not come and explore Vashon Island’s unique offerings? You won’t regret it.

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  1. It’s always fun to stumble upon unexpected art installations or quirky displays while exploring a new place. And if you happen to be in need of a dentist, it sounds like Dr. Langland’s office might be worth a visit just for the view of the doors alone. It’s these little weird and wonderful things that can make a trip truly memorable.

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