Vashon can’t get proper medical care – a newbie’s/outsiders perspective

Difficulties are not alien in the Medical facilities found on Vashon Island. Located in Washington state, the Island is a small community with a population of around 10,000 people. The following are some of the challenges facing the medical facilities on the Island.


The contract disagreements between parties responsible for the provision, running, and maintenance of the health facilities on the Island are compounded by greed for the dollar, greed for power, and desire for the good life. Unfortunately, the people of this Island find themselves in a dilemma.
The disagreements between VHCD and Sea Mar community health Centers have kept the medical system from being able to provide all the necessary healthcare services. The contractual agreements between the health care district and Sea Mar Community Health Center needed to be clarified so the district would have enough funding and be able to provide the necessary population to maintain a proper medical system. The lack of coordination between all parties makes it difficult for the institution, especially in trying times like pandemics. However, the deal signed between the two will see the Sea Mar continue providing primary healthcare services on the Island for at least the next year ending in November 2023. After this period, the uncertainty is likely to persist

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Conflicting interests between VHCD and Sea Mar Community Health Centers

The Islanders are a stranded lot who remain hopeful that a sigh of relief will come in the form of a few branches of medical facilities opening up to help them get rid of the pains and aches they are feeling. This hope is, however, set at naught by the conflicting interests between the Health Care District and Sea Mar Community Health Centers, both of which seek to exercise control. This conflict has no expected end in sight.

Limited medical facilities

The medical facilities on the Island include Sea Mar Medical Clinic, Neighborcare Health at Vashon Island High School, and Women’s Health hospital. These facilities face many challenges, including the lack of funding and public support and the limited number of healthcare professionals.

Covid-19 Pandemic

The bad medical situation was made worse by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, which left the islanders not only in fear of having more infectious diseases but also a significant burden on the medical system.
Although faced with the challenge of healthcare provision, the Island has heart-thrilling tourist activities to make it worth a visit. The Island is home to the largest population of bald eagles in the United States. The animals are sometimes fed at their nest on the Island’s west end. The Island is a national wildlife refuge and, in recent years, has become a destination for birdwatchers from as far as Japan to visit. Activities include shopping in the farmers market, reading in the Island’s rich library, kayaking in Puget Sound, and hiking, among other activities.
In conclusion, medical facilities on the Island have little to be desired. The challenges that face the Island’s healthcare professionals are many and building a strong network of providers will be critical to the success of medical facilities on Vashon Island. However, all hope is not lost as there are many ways for residents and visitors to stay healthy during their visits, not forgetting the wonderful attractions that boost health and well-being.

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  1. I am a resident on Anderson island where an older 2 story older Lutheran Church owned by long time residents who have owned it for years.These owners are getting older and want to pass it on. They are giving the church to our Anderson Island parks dept. who are in the process of renovating the church with bathrooms, etc. so they can lease out these 2 separate floors along with transferring their equipment. & probably more.This church is on a 1 lane narrow country roar where children, baby strollers, parents, dog walkers, and next to a lake where hordes of off-island people come during the summer. These neighbors have to walk on the road as there is no side area. Anyway they are proposing that the upper floor be leased to a medical facility and the bottom floor to an already existing gym facility. I see you guys have dealt with a medical facility on your island with a population of 10,000 residents. Our island is much smaller. Could you give me input regarding your medical facilities? I would appreciate this info.

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