Orcas Spotted Along Vashon Island

A Visitors Perspective

Vashon is one of the towns in Washington state. If you want to get away from Seattle for a bit, the Island is a perfect choice. It is only thirty minutes away. It is a small Island, but you will find plenty of things to do during your time there. The only way to reach Vashon Island is by ferry. If you are new to Washington, the ferry will be one of your best experiences. I love riding the ferries. The journey shows you that you are in for an adventure. If you plan to visit the area here are some activities you will want to do.

Spotting Orcas on Vashon Island

The Island orcas watching season runs from April through the end of September. South Resident Orcas are seen throughout the year. Point Robinson is one of the ideal places to watch them. Strong currents create channels with strong tides. These tides stir up nutrients and attract fish. This fish act as bait for the orcas. The waters of Puget Sound were recently visited by killer whales. This was from November 7 to 10 which was marked to be historical.

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Some Things To Do While on Vashon

Try out wine tasting in different locations on the island

You can visit any of the three wineries;
Vashon Winery. It opens seasonally from April to October. Their wines are from grapes grown on the island.
Palouse Winery. It is open on weekends from 12 pm to 5 pm. They get their grapes from Palouse in eastern Washington.
Maury Island Winery. They have been growing wine grapes on the property for over four decades. The tasting room is open in the summer.

Visit Jensen Point

Invest your time in different activities. You can rent a kayak or swim in the water. There are picnic tables with charcoal grills for you to roast your barbecue. You can spend time with your family since the park is secluded giving you privacy.

Grab some groceries at local farm stands

The farm stands are little self-serve kiosks. Here you will find a seasonal selection of farm products. I have never seen such on any other parts of Washington’s other islands. I recommend the stand at Plum Forest Farm. It has local cheese and flowers. Note that you can only visit from April to October when the farms have things to grow and sell.

Check out Vashon’s “Uptown”

This includes shops, restaurants, and galleries. When you explore around check out “Giraffe”. It is a store that sells hundreds of fair trade goods. Some many other unique shops and restaurants can keep you busy while exploring.
From Beaches to Shopping, the island is a truly unique experience. Though it’s small, there are so many cool things to do on the Island that make it a worthy day or weekend trip in the Pacific Northwest. A weekend or holiday with friends and family in 2023 on the Island is a great way to build memories and have the best experiences.

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