Vashon: Where Screaming Kids are the Ultimate Threat

Ah, the sounds of children playing – it’s music to some people’s ears, but to others, it’s the sound of pure agony. One such person who falls into the latter category is a Vashon Island resident who took to social media to complain about the “screaming” children at Ober Park. Yes, you read that right, screaming children having fun at a park.

According to the post, the sound of children playing made this person feel like “trouble is happening at the park or nearby,” and that they need to constantly keep their eyes on their own kids. Oh no, heaven forbid you let your children enjoy the wonders of the park without hovering over them like a hawk.

But wait, it gets better. The same person also complained about the noise levels of the park’s basketball court and suggested that the park should have a noise ordinance. Seriously? A noise ordinance for a park? What’s next, a ban on birds chirping too loudly?

Thankfully, not everyone on the island is as uptight as this person. In fact, many of the comments on the post were in defense of the joyous sounds of children playing. One person even mentioned how they live close enough to the park to hear the sounds of kids playing and love it.

It’s not just Vashon Island that has these types of complaints. The internet is full of stories of people who have complained about the sounds of children playing in public spaces. One woman in the UK even went as far as to call the police on a group of children who were playing outside. Seriously, what has the world come to when the sound of children laughing and having fun is seen as a nuisance?

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It’s important to remember that public spaces like parks are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, including children. Sure, the sounds of kids playing can be loud and a little chaotic at times, but that’s just part of the experience. It’s a sign of a healthy, vibrant community where children are allowed to be children and have fun in a safe environment.

So to the person who complained about the “screaming” children at Ober Park, maybe it’s time to relax and let kids be kids. Who knows, you might even find that the sounds of children playing are a little infectious and put a smile on your face.

Vashon Island is a beautiful place to live with lots of great outdoor spaces for families to enjoy. If you’re someone who can’t handle the sounds of children playing in public spaces, maybe it’s time to reconsider your priorities. After all, the sounds of children playing are the sounds of a healthy, happy community.

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