February Gardening Tips and Tricks for Vashon Island

February is when gardeners start counting down the time until warm days arrive. Finding plants and flowers that will survive the cold can be challenging, but don’t let that stop you! Take a look at these tips and tricks to enjoy your Vashon island garden this winter.

Take a Trip to Your Local Greenhouses

A local greenhouse can be an excellent resource for finding plants that are more resistant to cold weather. They often carry plants that are more accustomed to the milder winters of more southern climates. Please look at the vegetation surrounding their other pots to get an idea of which plants may fare better in your area. In addition, look into which plants are growing in your area and see if they can be found locally.

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Use Cold Frames

A cold frame is another excellent Vashon gardening tool to grow winter-friendly plants. A cold frame allows you to house small potted plants or seeds in a structure that will protect them from harsh weather and allow them to germinate and thrive. Many home gardeners have used a cold frame for years, and continue to do so today, often as the main method of gardening they utilize.

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Revitalize Outdoor Plants by Bringing Them Indoors

Just because your plant dies in the winter doesn’t mean it’s dead forever. If you bring your plants inside to a warmer, more stable environment, you can prolong the life of some of your plants indoors. These may not grow as large from indoors, but they will live longer than those in the winter elements. You could even use an indoor plant as an indoor garden to enjoy all year.

Plan Ahead for Spring and Summer Plantings

If you’re already frustrated about not being able to garden this winter, it’s time to start planning how you will grow in the spring and summer. Start thinking of what you would like to plant and investigate which plants you can use. Remember that if you live in an area where the growing season is about six months, it’s time to start planning for those months.

Use Natural Soil Amendments

Many natural soil amendments can be used if you are looking for a way to help improve the garden’s soil quality. Blood meal, bone meal, and cottonseed meal are all sources of nitrogen, and they are used to boost your soil. Peat moss is another great amendment to use in your garden. It helps keep the moisture in the soil stable over a long period, allowing you to water less often and spend more time enjoying your plants.

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Pay attention to Fungi in Your Garden

Fungi aren’t an enemy that most people often think about when gardening, but it is something you should consider. These fungi help break down organic material in your soil and can benefit your garden. The best way to get the fungi you need is to have a compost pile in your garden. You can add some leaf matter to your compost pile, and when it’s time to turn it into the earth, add some of these fungal spores on top of the pile. Slugs can also cause problems in the garden, which can be controlled by using copper wire and ground coffee to contaminate their water.

As you can see, there are ways that you can have your Vashon island garden thrive throughout the winter months. Many tips listed here are simple ways to maintain the health and quality of your garden, but there are also some simple things you can do to help your plants grow. If any of these tips interest you and your gardening needs during winter, contact a any of our local nurseries to learn more about their gardening options that fit your needs.

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