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... Dawn Remington

I am a resident on Anderson island where an older 2 story older Lutheran Church owned by long time residents who have owned it for years.These owners are getting older and want to pass it on. They are giving the church to our Anderson Island parks dept. who are in the process of renovating the church with bathrooms, etc. so they can lease out these 2 separate floors along with transferring their equipment. & probably more.This church is on a 1 lane narrow country roar where children, baby strollers, parents, dog walkers, and next to a lake where hordes of off-island people come during the summer. These neighbors have to walk on the road as there is no side area. Anyway they are proposing that the upper floor be leased to a medical facility and the bottom floor to an already existing gym facility. I see you guys have dealt with a medical facility on your island with a population of 10,000 residents. Our island is much smaller. Could you give me input regarding your medical facilities? I would appreciate this info.

... George

It’s always fun to stumble upon unexpected art installations or quirky displays while exploring a new place. And if you happen to be in need of a dentist, it sounds like Dr. Langland’s office might be worth a visit just for the view of the doors alone. It’s these little weird and wonderful things that can make a trip truly memorable.

... Elizabeth Ann Shepherd

Reporting for The Beachcomber: Asked about rumors currently circulating on Vashon’s social media pages, U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesperson Emily Langlie confirmed that the police action on Vashon and the indictment of islanders Jesus Ruiz-Hernandez had no connection to a different recent indictment of 27 people, tied to a white-supremacist prison gang, on drug trafficking charges.
This is no factual basis for saying or suggesting that the police activity on Vashon was linked to drug trafficking. This is misinformation that could harm community members.