Iron Faith Thoroughbreds: Maegan Blessing’s Equine Massage Therapy Journey on Vashon Island

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Just as humans benefit from a massage therapist’s healing touch, horses can find relief in the hands of equine massage therapists. Maegan Blessing, the founder of Iron Faith Thoroughbreds, LLC, is a certified and licensed equine massage therapist dedicated to providing top-tier care to horses in southwest Washington.

Passion for Horses, Inspired by Childhood Dreams

Blessing’s journey into equine massage therapy is rooted in her childhood fascination with thoroughbred racehorses, kindled while watching the prestigious Kentucky Derby. Today, as the founder of Iron Faith Thoroughbreds, she not only breeds and raises racehorses but also ensures they receive care akin to elite human athletes.

Understanding that horses are incredible athletes, Blessing emphasizes the necessity of providing them with the care required for peak performance. Her commitment extends to her own horses and to making equine massage accessible to others who share her mindset.

Addressing Challenges and Introducing Equine Massage

Faced with challenges such as travel distance and high costs associated with equine massage, Blessing decided to take matters into her own hands. Determined to provide this essential care element for her horses and others who shared her passion, she founded the Iron Faith Thoroughbreds massage division.

While seeking equine massage therapists in the area, Blessing encountered obstacles, leading her to think about making equine massage more accessible. The result was the birth of the massage component of Iron Faith Thoroughbreds, bringing equine massage to horse owners who may be unaware of its benefits.

Education on Vashon Island at the Northwest School of Animal Massage

Blessing attended the reputable certification program at the Northwest School of Animal Massage on Vashon Island to become a certified and licensed equine massage therapist. This decision marked a pivotal moment in her journey as she embarked on the path to becoming a skilled practitioner in the field.

“I took the leap, and it’s been an incredible journey since,” Blessing said about her experience at the Northwest School of Animal Massage. This connection to Vashon Island adds a unique dimension to her story, highlighting the island’s role in fostering expertise in equine massage.

Complementary Care and Continued Learning

Blessing emphasizes that equine massage is not a substitute for veterinary care but serves as a complementary therapy. She encourages horse owners to consult their vets for concerns while entrusting her expertise to enhance their horses’ well-being.

Her professional background in retail, banking, and management and early insights into business ownership and animal husbandry from a family breeding rare-breed livestock gave Blessing a solid foundation. This foundation allows her to diversify her offerings and connect personally with horse owners.

Blessing’s certifications include foundation and performance massage, myofascial release, stretching, range of motion evaluations, and level 1 craniosacral therapy. Equi-Tape kinesiology tape and red light therapy are also part of her sessions, demonstrating a holistic approach to equine well-being. Currently working on two additional certifications, Blessing is committed to expanding her services to serve her clients better.

At Iron Faith Thoroughbreds, clients witness positive results, and Blessing’s dedication to her work resonates through the satisfaction of making a difference for both horses and their owners. As she aptly puts it, “It isn’t whether your horse can benefit from massage; it is a matter of how often they need it.”

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