Island Forestry, Tree Service: A Mixed Bag of Reviews and an Invitation for Your Input

Island Forestry and Tree Service, nestled on Vashon Island, have been prominent players in the local landscaping scene. Their services have left customers with varying impressions, as reflected in the diverse reviews the business has received. Let’s take a closer look at three distinct perspectives, and afterward, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences.

  1. Hailey Ockinga – 4 Stars: Hailey Ockinga shares a positive experience with Island Forestry, Tree Service, awarding them a commendable 4 stars. According to Hailey, the team went above and beyond, demonstrating professionalism and skill. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the extra steps they took, such as gutter cleaning and roof brushing. Hailey expresses satisfaction and plans to engage their services again in the future.
  2. Mike Kennedy – 1 Star: On the flip side, Mike Kennedy provides a starkly contrasting perspective, giving Island Forestry, Tree Service a mere one star. Kennedy describes his encounters with the business as a “fly by night operation,” criticizing their reliability and punctuality. He raises concerns about the crew’s behavior, alleging instances of unprofessionalism, including smoking pot on the job and, shockingly, breaking a window. Kennedy’s dissatisfaction extends to the point of suggesting that the business should be escorted off the island.
  3. S. Swope – 1 Star: Another dissatisfied customer, S. Swope, vehemently advises against availing services from Island Forestry, Tree Service. Swope cites issues with incomplete work and a failure to return calls, characterizing the company as “absolutely untrustworthy.” The mention of owed money adds another layer to the dissatisfaction, raising questions about the business’s financial transparency and integrity.

Encouraging Your Voice: While these reviews offer a glimpse into the experiences of Hailey, Mike, and S. Swope, we believe that every opinion matters. Whether you’ve had a positive encounter or faced challenges with Island Forestry, Tree Service, we encourage you to share your thoughts. Your input could provide valuable insights for others considering their services.

Island Forestry, Tree Service appears to elicit a range of opinions from its clientele, with positive and negative experiences shaping the narrative. We invite you to contribute to this dialogue as we navigate the diverse feedback. Your review can be a valuable resource for those in our community seeking reliable and trustworthy tree services. Let’s build a comprehensive understanding of Island Forestry and Tree Service and ensure that every voice is heard.

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