Things to do Around Vashon Island – Seahurst Park

If you love the outdoors and you’re in or near Vashon Island, you have many options. One of those options is to visit Seahurst Park. It’s actually called Seahurst Beach Park, but people who live in the area are not wasteful, and that includes extra syllables.

Mixed Drinks vs. Orca Whales

However, if you’re not from the area, then you would want to hear (or read) the extra syllables because it informs you that there is a beach nearby. Everyone loves a beach. This might not be a beach with palm trees and waiters holding trays bringing you mixed drinks, but you might get something much different, such as seeing an Orca whale surface for a few seconds before diving back under the surface. What’s cooler: a mixed drink or seeing an Orca whale? If you can’t answer that, think of it this way: which one is more memorable?

Crabs, Ducks, & Pizza

I pretty much gave this one away with the subheading, but not everything needs to be a mystery. I’ll start with crabs. If you like crabs (the kind you find on the beach), then visit Seahurst Park. You will find them looking confused as they walk and/or run sideways, but they’re not confused. Some say that’s just the way the move. I say they just like to entertain people.

As far as ducks go, I included them because they’re a common site at this park. You will find them on Pugent Sound, but you won’t see them paddling because only the upper halves of their bodies will be visible. Sounds kind of like you in life, doesn’t it? Calm on top and paddling like hell underneath?

You can find pizza close by. I won’t reveal the name of the pizza place you will find in Vashon Island, but I just left you a huge hint. This pizza is highly rated and they deliver. If you don’t want pizza, there is a concession stand.

Other Things You Might See

When you’re here, you might spot a sea otter or a bald eagle. If you look out at the water (this is highly likely), you might find barges and fishing boats. In the background, you will see the Olympic Mountains. And if you want to make the absolute most of your experience, it’s highly recommended that you visit during sunset.

Things to Do

Adults like seeing whales, bald eagles, and sunsets. Kids will be intrigued by those things for about 17.5 seconds. Fortunately, they can be entertained at the park, especially if it’s summertime. There is a usually a pool that forms halfway up the beach. Younger kids love to play in that pool. If the kids are a little older, they might enjoy shelling, skimming rocks, or fishing.


If it’s winter, fall, or spring, you can park in the lower lot without a problem. In the summer, it’s not so easy. That lot will be crowded. You can park in the upper lot and walk down to the beach.

Seahurst (Beach) Park has a lot to offer, including whales, bald eagles, fishing, rock skimming, and more. This is one of the best things to do in the area whether you’re with a family, a significant other, or if you just want to get away from the world for a while.

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