Vashon Island is different

A visitor’s perspective

UFOs? A bike in a tree? Sheep riding shotgun? Gay pets? Yeah, that constitutes as weird. If you are looking for a bit of odd culture and atmosphere, there are plenty of things to do in Vashon. Not a knowledgeable resident, but from a visitor’s perspective, this island is quite different from many other places people vacation to. The quaint and quiet little town is just a short ferry ride from Seattle and offers a unique experience. Make 2023 your year for trying new and weird things.


Rural Feel

Historically a rural town but it is becoming more urbanized with an influx of people and money. It remains off the mainstream grid with its slower pace lifestyle and interconnected relationships among its residents.

The Bike in the Tree

Whether you want the real story or the more fun made-up version, there truly is a bike in the tree. Not just a bike up in a tree, no… the bike is physically in the tree. Maybe this explains the UFO? We may never know!

Things to do


Visit one of the dozen eateries and bakeries that boast local flare as you stroll down sleepy downtown streets. Enjoy live music while mingling with locals without the sounds of a bustling, busy city and the sirens of police on the chase. You won’t find chain restaurants here. Instead, you’ll relish the uniqueness of a traditional Vashon restaurant.

Strawberry Festival

Visit the island in July and partake in the Strawberry Festival. Dance in the streets while Thriftway clerks push shopping carts in a contemporary motorcycle drill formation. Drink, eat, and be merry with the weirdest residents around.

Photo 175415826 / Bike Lights Night © Frantic00 |

Stupid Bike Night

Just as the name infers, this interesting event is all about having fun and further confirming the weirdness of Vashon Island. The first Friday of September each year, dress to impress (i.e., in your weirdest get-up), hop on your bike and stroll the streets with a dozen of your closest friends and relatives. Finish off your ride with some yummy BBQ and lots of laughs.

Come see what all the hype is about on your next vacation. Come for a short stay or for the summer and help keep Vashon weird.

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