Blake Island-The Island Across From Vashon

Puget Sound is one of Washington State’s more popular destinations. The sound is located west of Seattle. It is a waterway that opens up to the Pacific Ocean. There are over 150 islands, of various sizes, located throughout the sound’s perimeters.

Some of the more well known islands are located in the southern portion of Puget Sound. Our very own Vashon-Maury Islands are two of the best known islands. They are technically joined together by a small strip of land and is offered to referred to simply as just Vashon Island (but don’t say that in front of Maury residents). We are a popular tourist destination and a dream location for many property owners. The island is so unique and quirky that the residents refer to ourselves as “Vashonites.”

Another well known island, and a popular destination for locals and travelers, is Blake Island. Blake Island is one of the smaller islands located in the sound and is north of Vashon Island. The island consists of a 1,127 acre state park and Tilicum Village. It is only accessible by private boats or by taking a cruise through Argosy Cruises.

There are many exciting things to do on Blake Island. It is a paradise for people who love the outdoors. Activities include fishing, hiking, mountain biking, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Kayaking and paddle-boarding are also popular activities along the island and can be rented locally. Swimming, sunbathing, and other activities can also be enjoyed anywhere along the island’s beautiful beaches.

Camping is also among the most popular things to do on Blake Island. the west end of the island offers camping along the Cascadine Mine Trail. There are three different campgrounds to choose from. These campsites offer great views and many are located right on the shoreline. Camping is available on the island year round.

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A trip to Blake Island is not complete without exploring Tilicum Village. The village offers visitors a chance to experience and learn about the history and culture of the native tribes of the Pacific Northwest. The village is approximately five acres in size and includes a restaurant and gift shop.

Beautiful views of Seattle and the Olympic Mountain Range, miles of hiking and biking trails, and the opportunity to learn about other cultures are only a few of the reasons why Vashonites, Seattle residents, and people from all over travel to visit this amazing area. It is definitely well worth the thirty minute boat ride to experience one of nature’s greatest treasures.

Vashon Island
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