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Things to Do this Winter on Vashon Island, WA a Visitor’s Perspective

Vashon Island is a great place to visit, no matter what time of year. With picturesque views and plenty of activities, it is one of the best places in the region to explore during the winter season. Winter doesn’t mean that it’s a ghost town on Island; on the contrary, there are many things to do this winter. Here are some of the best things to do on Vashon Island this winter:

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Visit Christmas Market

The Christmas Market is the place to visit on the Island for Christmas. The market is located in the historic downtown area of Oceanside. This is a great place to visit with your family and enjoy some holiday items you can find at the market. You can find gift items like clothing, hats, scarves, and jewelry. The Christmas Market also has a great selection of local artisans who sell their crafts at the market.

Suppose you are looking for something different to close by while on the island, be sure to visit the Christmas Market during your stay here! You will love shopping at this local market and enjoying all the gifts you can find here.

Explore the Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Museum

It is an excellent museum that tells the island’s history. The museum is located in the island’s history and looks into the island’s past. The museum displays artifacts and documents from Native Americans, early settlers, and more.

It may look small outside, but the museum has a lot of history to offer. The museum was built in 1907, the oldest building on the Island. The museum is kid-friendly, and it has a lot of interesting exhibits for visitors.

Enjoy Winter At The Winterfest

The Island is a great place to spend the winter. Winterfest is an annual festival that brings together residents to celebrate winter on the Island. There are holiday events for all ages. The island has several winter activities, including the Winterfest. The festival features ice skating and snowshoeing sledding.

Winterfest takes place on December 4th-6th each year. It is a full weekend of fun for visitors who love winter. You can enjoy carnival rides and other attractions near you. If you nearby the Island during the cold season, visit Winterfest. It is a great way to spend the cold winter days.

Where is Seattle’s Best Coffee?

Coffee is a popular drink on the Island. Seattle’s Best Coffee is one of the island’s best coffee shops. The original Seattle’s Best Coffee is located in what residents call the “Minglement”. Now officially called the “Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie” since it is no longer the official “Seattle’s Best”. The location has been serving up some of the best coffee on the Island for decades. The shop sells coffee, espresso drinks, pastries, and other baked goods.

The Roasterie also offers some tasty treats to go along with your coffee. It has a large selection of pastries and other baked goods that you can purchase to go to or eat at the shop. The shop also has some tasty sandwiches, such as the grilled cheese sandwich, which is great for lunch.

If you are looking for a great place to get coffee near you, be sure to visit Seattle’s Best Coffee in Oceanside. You will not be disappointed with the quality of their coffee and other treats.

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Vashon Havurah

In 2021 on Sunday, Aug. 8, from 4 to 7 p.m. Vashon Havurah hosted a grand re-opening celebration; all islanders, Jewish or not, were invited to celebrate. Havurat Ee Shalom — literally “a group of friends on an island of peace — is a warm and welcoming home for the spiritual, social, and intellectual needs of the Jewish Community of Vashon Island. They aim to foster the exploration of the richness and diversity of Jewish life; to create an egalitarian setting where each member’s Jewish path is honored and supported; and to cultivate the tenets of Judaism through Study (Torah), Justice (Tzedakah), Prayer (T’filah), Deeds of loving Kindness (G’milut Chasidim), and Healing the World (Tikkun Olam).I hope they have another event his year as this is such a special celebration.

Regardless of whether there is a Havurah celebration this year at the Havurat Ee Shalom, families that practice the Jewish faith will be celebrating Hanukkah from December 18 – 26.

Visit Hardware Store Restaurant for Brunch

Hardware Store Restaurant is a great place to eat and enjoy brunch on the Island. The restaurant is in the nearby small town of Oceanside. Hardware Store Restaurant serves great brunch items, such as omelets, pancakes, eggs, and sandwiches. You can also enjoy fresh fruit or juice at the restaurant when you are not eating.

Hardware Store Restaurant has a great atmosphere you will enjoy while dining there on the Island. It is a small, casual dining spot nearby you can visit with your family or friends while on vacation or visiting the Island. You will not be disappointed with the breakfast and brunch items they serve at Hardware Store Restaurant.

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