Ruby Brink is a dining establishment, which just opened on Vashon Island on May 4th. One of their logos states that they are a butcher, bar and kitchen. This brand-new restaurant is quite unusual because it gives its patrons the option of three things to do. They can dine at the restaurant, drink at the cocktail bar, shop at the retail butcher shop, or do up two or three of these things to do.

On May 12, 2019 my friend and I enjoyed an amazing lunch just after our walk around town for the VIGA Saturday market and it was extremely tasty. I had the Pork Loin and Salami sandwich and my friend had the Sausage Galette. Both were a satisfying lunch without being too heavy. The drink menu is astoundingly unique from the bar with a bevy of cocktails to choose from. There is limited seating for families with young children, but the staff was very accommodating as they piled in behind us moving tables around for them all.

As usual, I ended up digging in and finishing my meal before remembering to instagram (which has become the point of my Instagram account) so here’s what I shared from my meal that day:

The restaurant is located at 17526 Vashon Hwy SW, at the main four-way stop in the heart of the island. It is close by a Thriftway store, so nearby that they share a parking lot. Ruby Brink is also close by a farmer’s market, specifically across the street from it. Since Ruby Brink is nearby a Thriftway and a farmer’s market, when you are in the area, three options for food shopping are near you.

They are open seven days a week, from 11 am to Midnight. Since the business is quite new, they may periodically close early.

Ruby Brink is a farm-to-table restaurant, artisan butcher shop, and cocktail bar. It is owned by Lauren Garaventa, Rustle Biehn, and Jake Heil. Garaventa is the head butcher, Biehn is the head chef and Heil manages the cocktail bar. The trio cares about sustainable agriculture, nourishing food and community. When you are at Ruby Brinks, local ingredients are near you. That is why they get their meat, produce and dairy products from local or regional sources that meet high quality standards.

“Our focus is to make food from local farmers accessible to everyone.” Says Lauren Garaventa, Co-Owner and Head Butcher.

The restaurant offers Pacific Northwest comfort food. Ruby Brink does not have a set written menu as of yet. At the moment the menu changes daily. Garaventa says that the meat and noodle soup, which looks a bit like ramen, is their most popular dish. It is a bone broth soup with braised pork, noodles, vegetables and an egg. Vegetarians can opt for the “hold the meat” version of the dish, which uses mushrooms instead of pork.

Though there is an in-house butcher shop, Ruby Brink has some vegetarian dishes, too, such as the polenta with Sun Island Farm asparagus. Patron, Judy Pells, stated on Ruby Brink’s Facebook page, “THE best polenta dish EVER!!! WOW. Thank you.”

The butcher shop has a display case and a butcher ready for special orders. Ruby Brinks gets its meats from local farms with ethically raised livestock.

The Instagram account for Ruby Brink shows a plethora of quality cuts of meats available for purchase:

The cocktail bar serves beer, wine, classic cocktails and Vashon Island cider. A stereo plays a variety of music types. The butcher and bar shared their mixologist for one of the local fundraisers on Vashon before the grand opening:

Ruby Brinks is a new restaurant, butcher shop and bar with a lot of promise. Though it has just opened, it has already attracted many patrons and lots of attention including the Eater Seattle online publication. If you have been lucky enough to enjoy a fine meal at this unique establishment, be sure to leave a positive review and recommend a bite for future visitors in their business directory listing and read about our top 10 restaurants on Vashon.

Author: Angel