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... Tiffany Sparks

Now that all the great things are told about vashon .. There is more a lot more .. Yes there is alot of great and wonderful people but they are very quick judge and not allow change with in a person no matter how hard they try… Witch is very nice.. And if you dont make as much money as some one else .!! Im sorry this probably wont get published any way. Once again it not right talking about the way they treat alot of the old time islander.. The low income people and the homeless ones also.. Vashon was once a hippie old town where every one was always willing to help one another no matter what it took .. And there really wasnt any homeless people and you werent judge and people excepted change good or bad…. And yes the schooling on vashon is great .so great they ship kids from seattle for they’re schooling …and the arts are wonderful also .. And the eats!!😍 . but for thing to do yeah in your not a teenager..theres really not a whole lot for the teens to do. So if this really dose get posted maybe its time to do something about that.. ..

... Kate Thompson

It might be helpful to mention that the reason dogs aren’t allowed in some areas is not because “new residents move to the island (and) the culture is changing” but because there is ample scientific evidence that the presence of dogs in sensitive habitats greatly affect wildlife. Migrating birds, as well as resident species suffer enormously when dogs are present. Vashon Audubon (full of crusty old vashonians btw) is a great resource for more information on this. We humans and our beloved pets have caused environmental distress over the years but we are also smart enough to figure out ways to make it better. If we have the will.

... Eva Tobie

Such Great info! thanks for this.

... Walker

I see the blurb stating that developing an off-leash park was voted down by the park district. How long ago was that and is it a proposal worth revisiting?

... Diane Emerson

Thank you so much for this! I will keep it as reference for the future when questions arise about dogs on and off leash.

... William E Lyell

Can you provide a link to the King County Code that supports your statement “Zoning maps for King County show the KVI as rural, and in rural areas, dogs are not required to be on leashes.”

... Siena Spring

You need to think of the whole community when you ask for such a huge tax increase. Long time islanders, people on a fixed income. Ask yourself do the kids really, really need all these things…at such a cost! We are not a big city. We are a small community. If parents want their kids to have the best of the best they should take their kids to off island private schools…or find a community they fit into better, that will meet their needs….not at the cost of folks that can’t afford it!

... Linda Leaders

We live off of Monument and have been keeping an eye out for these two. So very happy that they were found and are home safely. Special place in all hearts for volunteers who are so tireless. Thank you