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Vashon Maury Co-Operative Preschool
10014 SW Bank Road, Vashon, WA

The Co-op Preschool is a unique school program embracing not only the development of the child, but also the education of parents and the support of the family.
The Parent Education and Cooperative Preschool programs that you see associated with local community colleges were originally created based on the assumption that parenting is one of the most important careers in an individual’s life, and, as with any vocation, preparation and continuing education are necessary for success. We still believe this holds true today, and continue to base our programs on this philosophy.

The Co-op Preschools are built around a laboratory approach, with parents and children participating in a learning experience together. The lab is the Preschool classroom, complete with your child’s teacher, a Parent Instructor, working parents and playing children

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