Some Tips on Courtesy While on Private Property on Vashon

For those new to Vashon, welcome!

Speaking on behalf of all private property owners, commercial and residential, there are a few rules that one should be aware of regarding one’s behavior when visiting someone else’s private property.

These common sense rules are simple, reasonable, uncontroversial, and have everyone’s safety considered.

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Please do not pick flowers, fruit, berries, pinecones, rocks, driftwood, logs, or any other of Nature’s bounties from private property. Such items on commercial properties are often there for the benefit of those patronizing the business and are not intended for personal consumption.

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Please do not feed dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, llamas, goats, or any other livestock that one does not personally own without prior permission from the animal’s owner. Many animals we care for have carefully controlled diets, and foods found outside those diets may adversely affect an animal’s health.

Please do not feed deer, crows, raccoons, or any other wildlife found on property that one does not personally own. One may be exacerbating existing rodent or pest problems.

As one might imagine, the list of behavioral prohibitions on a privately owned property is virtually inexhaustible. Therefore, the best rule of thumb to apply may be this: if you do not personally own it, then leave it alone or leave it be.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your visit or stay.

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